More “Swedes” Have Joined ISIS Than Joined The Waffen SS In WW II

300 Swedes have left to fight in Middle East

According to Säpo, the Swedish security service, 300 Swedes have joined extremist terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq over the last three years.

Säpo chief Anders Thornberg said that, of those 300, 40 have so far been killed in combat, and around 125 are still fighting in Syria and Iraq.

“That is quite a large number,” Hans Brun, a researcher on counterterrorism at Kings College in London told Sweden’s TT news agency.

“Compare, for example, with the Second World War when there were only about 180 Swedish volunteers in the SS.”

  • The Butterfly

    Oh Mats, say it isn’t so.

  • WalterBannon

    Figures for European recruits to the Waffen-SS:

    Albanian: 3,000

    Belgian: Flemish 23,000

    Belgium: Walloon 15,000

    British Commonwealth: (English) 50

    Bulgaria: 1,000

    Croatia: 30,000

    Denmark: 10,000

    Estonia: 20,000

    Finland: 1,000

    Hungarians: 15,000

    Latvia: 39,000

    Netherlands: 50,000

    Norway: 6,000

    France: 8,000

    Italy: 20,000

    Russian: 60,000

    Rumania: 3,000

    Serbia: 15,000

    Spain: 1,000

    Sweden, Switzerland & Luxemburg: 3,000

    Ukraine: 25,000

  • David Murrell

    The part about 40 “Swedes” being killed isn’t bad news, though.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’m sure that none of these Swedes are named Lars or Olaf.

    • Hard Little Machine

      They may have been at one point.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good and I hope they are all welcomed back with open arms to rape and murder, burn, crucify and behead all the Swedes they can when they do.