German anti-Islam group vents fury at Merkel over refugee welcome

Dresden (Germany) (AFP) – Thousands of German anti-Islam protesters on Monday vented their fury at Chancellor Angela Merkel over her welcoming of refugees, accusing her of “high treason” and “crimes against the German people”.

With Europe’s top economy expecting to take in up to a million people fleeing war and poverty this year, anger has flared among anti-foreigner groups and members of the anti-Islam PEGIDA movement

  • simus1

    AFP and Yahoo are purveyors of leftist BS.

  • fasd

    can’t they just kill that fat bitch? Do they think that whore will give a fuck what they say?

    • lolwut?

      Yup, a German needs to take her out and the crowds round up the rest.

      Send a clear message that ripples across Europe, Traitors will be dealt with,

  • Xavier

    Coming: Nobel prize for Frau Merkel.

  • Xavier

    Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany has to live with the mass influx of refugees, confronting critics within her party bloc amid a media report that as many as 1.5 million people may arrive this year.

    “Given the circumstances of globalization, I’m calling on us to open up
    to a certain extent and to become acquainted with different cultural

    • FactsWillOut


      I can see a fire-breathing demagogue in Germany’s near future.

  • Xavier

    I have to give Europe credit where it’s due: for the past few centuries, they’ve provided us with explicit examples of what not to do.

    We used to pay attention.

    • FactsWillOut

      In the 20th century alone, they gave us relativity, quantum mechanics, radar, jet planes…, before that, they gave us calculus, analytical geometry, etc…

      • Xavier

        Austria, Poland, and Germany were the cultural and scientific centers of the world at one time, but what I was referring to was England’s class society, religious repression, Germany’s aggression, East Germany, everything Swedish except the women, the Moslem invasion – things we didn’t, and don’t, want to emulate.

        • marty_p

          They were the cultural and scientific centres before the Holocaust…

          • Xavier

            Precisely my point. I’m not saying everything in Europe is bad – after all they do have Oktoberfest – but there is much that should not be emulated and I thank them for keeping it on their side of the pond.