For the bishop of Aleppo, the destruction in Palmyra is a warning from the Islamic State to the West

Aleppo (AsiaNews) – Mgr Antoine Audo, Chaldean Archbishop of Aleppo, spoke to AsiaNews about the destruction by the Islamic State (IS) group of the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, which dates back to Roman time, some 2,000 years ago.

For the prelate, this is not “a domestic message, for Syria, but a warning to the international community, especially the United States and Europe, who care a lot about archaeological assets”.

“These acts,” he added, 2are meant to show the world their strength, violence, domination of the Arab and Muslim world. They are an act of great media propaganda.”

  • It is a warning that has gone and will go unheeded.

    It’s time to arm Christians.

    THEN the Europeans et al will be moved.

  • Hard Little Machine

    As opposed to all the dead Jews they ignored up to now.

  • Cat-astrophe

    I would like to see some artifacts blown up too.

  • Cat-astrophe

    I would like to see some artifacts blown up too.
    It would be mostly books….

  • Gary

    Once islam destroys the true History for other faiths and cultures, it will be easier to push islams false history of lies and how it Jesus and Adam were muslims.

  • Oracle9

    Roman ruins are symbols of Western culture, so of course from the Islamic view they have to go. And Western culture is hamstrung because half of Westerners, most people I know, actually endorse the atrocities by blaming ourselves. I am beginning to tire of even mentioning my disgust because it just ends up in arguments why I should not feel that way.