Denmark to use ‘treason’ laws against Muslim Terrorists

When the new parliamentary season opens on Tuesday, an item at the top of the government’s agenda will be strengthening the laws related to Danes who fight alongside terror groups abroad.

Justice Minister Søren Pind told news agency Ritzau that the government is prepared to implement tougher laws to punish Danish citizens who join terror groups like Isis to fight in Syria and Iraq.

Pind said he would not detail the plan until it was formally released but said the government had listened closely to recommendations from the Criminal Code Council (Straffelovrådet) to change Denmark’s current laws pertaining to treason.

“It will mean that the rules for treason will be fine-tuned so that one can be punished for working against Denmark. There is no doubt that what we are seeing is treasonous. It works against Danish interests, it radicalizes people against Denmark and contributes to them fighting for Denmark’s enemies,” Pind told Ritzau.


A good path for Canada to follow.