The Greatest Assassination Plot in History Comes to Life in New Book, “Operation Long Jump”

“In October 1943, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin had a rare meeting in Tehran. But the Nazis had another plan for the gathering of the Allied forces: Operation Long Jump, a complex plan to track the men in Iran’s capital and assassinate all three at the same time, winning the war for Hitler and drastically changing the course of world history.”

I have never heard of this.

  • tom_billesley

    There was a 2005 TV series “Churchill’s Bodyguard” that drew from a 1951 book “I Was Churchill’s Shadow” by Walter H Thompson of Scotland Yard.
    There were several attempts to assassinate Churchill before and during WW2. Operation Longjump, the Tehran attempt, is in Episode 10 of 13.
    Episode list:

    • Thanks Tom!

      • tom_billesley

        Half hour episode, if you have time.

        • David

          Given the fact that fdr was so smitten by the likes of harry hopkins, its amazing that the greatest statesman the world has ever seen, Winston Churchill, survived to save the west from hitler, stalin and his american sycophants.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I had no clue the Greek Communists were that perfidious.
      Thanks again!

      • tom_billesley

        Greek civil war. The communists are in the front row.

      • Frances

        Oh, yes. Mary Stewart, in her novel “My Brother Michael” gives a good though not detailed description of the role the Greek Communists played during WW II. And, lest you ask how a woman novelist could do a good job describing such things, just remember that the late Georgette Heyer’s novel, “An Infamous Army” contained such a lucid description of the Battle of Waterloo that it was required reading at Sandhurst.

    • Frances

      Perhaps it’s because I grew up in “wartime housing”, amongst war vets, that I had a vague knowledge of this attempt. Tried to find the original book, but – while it’s not available at my local library – there is one called “Churchill’s Bodyguard” which presumably follows the series. Have it on hold.

  • That’s a fairly known fact about Tehran conference. There was also a French movie made about it in mid 1970s. Roosevelt, fearing for his safety, stayed in the Soviet embassy and met with the young Persian Shah in there. The Shah recalled this weird incident in his memoirs after he went to exile in 1979. Quite an interesting episode during WWII. Can’t wait to see the movie.