Shorter Haroon Siddiqui: Harper Hates Muslims, Conservatives Hate Muslims, That Is All #elxn42

Chronic Harper Derangement Syndrome… It Isn’t pretty.

I love this excerpt of U Of T prof Audrey Macklin’s screed on on the “de-nationalizion” of terrorists:

“From antiquity to the late 20th century, denationalization was a tool used by states to rid themselves of political dissidents, convicted criminals and ethnic, religious or racial minorities. The latest target of denationalization is the convicted terrorist, or the suspected terrorist, or the potential terrorist, or maybe the associate of a terrorist. He is virtually always Muslim and male,” writes Audrey Macklin, law professor at the University of Toronto, in The Return of Banishment, a lead essay in a forum by the European Union Observatory on Citizenship.”

Always Muslim huh?

Maybe there’s a reason for that Audrey… I call it “Self-Profiling”