Oregon college shooting: Donald Trump invokes vigilante movie Death Wish

The Guardian says that like it’s a BAD Thing…

Trump said in a rally in suburban Nashville that he has a handgun carry permit in New York. He added that any attacker would be “shocked” if he tried to assault him, because he would emulate Bronson in the vigilante film Death Wish.

Trump criticized “gun-free zones”, saying that the Oregon shootings could have been limited if instructors or students at Umpqua Community College had been armed. He said better mental health care would help curb future shootings.

  • Icebow

    Has Piers Morgan ever met him? I want a ticket.

    • That would be fun.

    • Maggat

      Trump could eat that simpering idiot for breakfast and then mop the floor with him.

      • Xavier

        And because of the magic of video we could enjoy it over and over again.

  • Martin B

    Once again, Trump is out in front, saying exactly what every Republican candidate in the field should have said by now.

  • Alain

    He speaks truth once again. Such a breath of fresh air.

  • Canadian

    My favourite movie!

  • BillyHW

    Donald Trump found a little black book somewhere that told him everything he needs to say to get elected.

    • Xavier

      I wonder which blogs he’s reading?

  • Minicapt