Microaggression Alert!

I’ll have you know that at least three dozen Social Justice Warriors died from an acute case of triggering when this scene was shown to them. Their deaths were in vain.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Great clip!
    In the mid 1990’s dubbed reruns of “Police Squad” we’re being shown on Russian TV as a straight up crime drama.

  • Ha!

  • Dana Garcia

    Good one. I always liked the clip where OJ got abused.


  • Why stop with microaggression? Why not look at aggression on the micro-nano-atomic-subatomic particle level?

    The SJW’s are a Police State in the making, and the day will come when they put the former East-German STASI to shame. According to de-classified documents, the STASI succeeded in recruiting one out of every four (1/4th) East German citizens as neighbourhood spies for the State. The SJW’s won’t be satisfied until they recruit three out of four (3/4ths).

    Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy movies like Naked Gun. But remember to keep a private copy for yourself — the day is coming when we will only be able to view it clandestinely.

  • Frances

    Leslie Nielsen was a hunk!!

    • Justin St.Denis

      And one of the funniest comedic actors ever!

  • ntt1

    still got a sculptors proof body cast of nielsen kicking around the house, its great at halloween.

  • Nic

    Oh, poor statue.