Maher Zain, the Top Muslim Singer in the West, Models ISIS Swag


From Maher Zain’s official website (via The Muslim Issue):

Maher Zain is a Swedish R&B singer, songwriter & music producer of Lebanese origin. He released 2 albums with Awakening Records, Thank You Allah (2009) & Forgive Me (2012). Maher worked in New York with internationally renowned producer RedOne (Akon, Lady Gaga, etc) but he chose instead to make music that reflects his roots.

Zain+ISIS+3[1]Zain has over a million followers and twenty-five million “likes” on Facebook.

The party line is that Muslims, especially Western Muslims hate ISIS because 99.99% of Western Muslims are “moderate” and ISIS is, as we all know an extreme, fundamentalist, perverted perversion of Islam with no more connection to that exalted monotheistic faith than, say, the Westboro Baptist Church has to Episcopalians.

That is, of course, a lie.