A Tale of the Handmaidens – Violence Against Women in Canada

“These women may even enjoy being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern.”

“Beating women is a form of education”

It is permissible in Canada to openly advocate violence against women and girls who exist in a specific target set. While leading white feminists write op-eds about the Prime Minister’s haircut, brown women are dying from forced suicides and 14 years girls are told they are unclean. Rather than protecting or building a better future for women, most Canadian feminists have become the Handmaidens to those who advocate a future society founded on the oppression of women.

  • terrence

    These guys had better be careful – they may soon be called “islamophobes” and accused of publishing “hate speech”.

  • Martin B

    Mohammedans who preach this need to be beaten to within an inch of their worthless lives. And the femininnies who make excuses for those Mohammedans need a good beating too.

    • Alain

      Based on the feminazis I have seen they should also be forced to hide their ugly mug behind an Islamic mask.

  • Clausewitz

    This must come along with that vitamin D deficiency that comes with never being exposed to sun light.