Islam's Useful Idiot Liberal Left Apologists

How modern-day ‘liberals’ are destroying the idea of liberalism

“…As vocal as the Left is about social and socioeconomic issues, it loves minorityism more than ever. But even minorityism is not universally practiced by left intellectuals and demagogues. Minorityism becomes particularly important when religious minorities are the subject matter. And if the religion is Islam, you dare not raise your voice.”

  • canminuteman

    Modern day liberals have never been liberal. They just called themselves that when calling themselves communists lost is social acceptability.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I don’t support Islam but I support the idea of ending the War on Terror because it has only resulted in us losing our freedoms and more wars coming from it, resulting in more problems in the world. That is why it was ill-conceived from the start. Liberalism is just an ideology which means being fiscally responsible and socially progressive, if you check the definitions of it. Frankly, liberals do support backdoors into war, while conservatives are very much for war without hiding the fact. I am a non-interventionist nationalist that believes war should only be fought as a last resort and that we should never export our foreign policy to other nations but we need to work with other nations to improve peace and avoid war. The latest conflict in Syria, with Russia joining, has shown that the West wanted Assad gone and favoured anyone else in power. That shows right there that the Western foreign policy is about regime change. It is also about not letting a crisis go to waste.

  • You could kinda forgive Left liberals for they’re ignorance and naivete during the Communist era — the modus-operandi of communists has always been to use front organizations, hide their real intentions — masters of deception, disinformation and propaganda.

    But what’s the excuse of the liberal Left for sympathizing with Islamic terrorism? Certainly not ignorance — they can never claim “the Islamists deceived us, they tricked us”. Islamists are quite up front about the fact that they intend to kill non-muslims everywhere, and implant theocratic dictatorships. They don’t hide their atrocities in remote gulags and slave labour camps the way the Soviets, the Chinese, the Cubans, North Koreans and North Vietnamese did — they openly display their atrocities with pride. And they don’t use the media to hide their atrocities the way their communist counterparts did, they encourage media to publish their atrocities!

    The liberal Left has no excuse this time, and if God exists then there is no doubt that Left liberals will spend an eternity in hell. They will have no defence before the judgement seat of God.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Your comment is laughable on so many fronts.

      You equate democratic parties with dictatorships.

      You clearly have no clue what you are saying since it is really a question about foreign policy. While I agree that the liberals are not honest in their foreign policy, I disagree in your premise about accusing “the left” as supporting terrorism when the point of the far-left, left, centre-left, centre to centre-left are quite different in how each section of the left side of the spectrum operates.

      Now is the time for me to educate you because you are simply too wrapped up in your propaganda. Here goes! The fact is most left wing democratic parties meaning democratic socialists, trotskyists that are democratic and face in elections tend to support anti-imperialist positions. Liberal and modern third way centrist parties tend to support appearing tolerant but generally do support interventionism through other means. I call it backdoor foreign policy since it leads to war. The far-left agrees that the West is to blame for the wars and is very much guided by NATO and imperialist organizations and corporations. The fact is I am nationalist centrist and agree that imperialism is to blame but what is necessary is a smarter and better foreign policy built on the situations at the time.

      We must not invade anymore countries and we need to work with nations around the world to establish peace and get away from this perpetual war.

      The fact is the US invasion of Iraq started the problems and they, along with Western nations, do not want Russia there, since they want Assad gone. I feel this is part of the PNAC strategy for the eventual invasion of Iran. You know, it was about weakening Iran by ensuring Syria is not there.

      Therefore, you clearly conflate communism with liberalism, nationalism, fascism, socialism and you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

      Learn a bit about ideology before talking since you are rambling without understanding political positions and how each part of the spectrum responds to each situation. That is the honest truth and why you clearly have nothing meaningful to add on this subject other than saying my ideology is better than yours and filled in with rants and talking points and equating the left and nationalists with genocidal regimes when the two cannot go together. That is mainly because those regimes were dictatorial while left wing, far left, centre left, nationalist parties can exist in democratic elections. Check any election done since 1900 in any country in Europe, North America and anywhere. The statistics are there. You just choose not to check them out!

      • You’re wrong. Plus you lied.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          Oh ya what did I lie about?! I was pretty accurate in that all left wing ideologies differ on certain things.

          As for Islam, I am not a supporter of Islam meaning joining it, but what I do support is minority rights and I am against scapegoating which is what fascists are for normally. Fascism means populism, riling up, getting people angry, blaming others and advocating for war due to those facts.

          Imperialism by the West is the problem and war has to stop by Western nations because it just makes things worse.

          I don’t see how that is siding with Islam. It just points out why there are problems in the region. The biggest proof of that is not wanting Russia there by Western nations. It is obvious that the Western nations want Assad gone. I think what we need is more calls to end war entirely.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      As for God, I doubt any God would want a war at any time. It is using religion to make an argument when clearly God would want peace all the time.

      Human nature allows for war because humanity has to have war since we are tempted by greed and the seven deadly sins.

      • I agree. So why do you sympathize with ideologies whose very existence depends on conflict?

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          I said below that I am against war in every case because it just makes things worse.

          The proof of that is Libya, Iraq and other conflicts.

          Nice trying to judge people when you don’t even know me!

          • Which is why you are spending your time here preaching against violence? Why aren’t you preaching against it on violent pro-Islamic blogs?

            I think you know the answer to that: Here you won’t get any death threats. On the pro-Islamic blogs you will get death threats — in fact they will probably try to trace your IP address and real identity to carry out those threats.

            Sorry, but your hypocrisy is obvious.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Well for one being peaceful means not riling people up and advocating for peaceful solutions.

            Also, a non-interventionist would never want a conflict and would always want resolution, ends to war and real discussions, unlike war is good all the time.

            Frankly, I have always supported the nation defending itself, but never call for pre-emptive like back in 2003.

            Therefore, you only want conflict as your only solution. That is easy to figure out! Also, invading areas around the world is a violation of international law and national sovereignty.

          • David

            So what would you say if the death cult world attacks Israel?

          • How old were you in 2001? Because your knowledge of history seems to start in 2003. There was in fact a “pre-emptive” strike on 9/11 2001 — against the West. The West’s reaction was in fact an act of self-defense against that strike and many others that followed (there have been more than 25,000 documented Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11, 2001, worldwide).

            Sorry my friend, but you got history backwards.

      • Minicapt

        Peace is a good thing, after one has killed all one’s enemies. Especially the ones claiming to be liberals, who are really socialists and communists, and other enemies of the people.


        • Billy Bob Thornton

          By the way I am opposed to authoritarian communists. That is the difference. The spectrum is also like a quadratic table with four quadrants, if you have ever seen one. I guess in some ways, in the short term, secularist governments are necessary to unify people. The fact is unifying regional nations must be priority number one. You know I am nationalist so I would definitely support anything to ensure nations remain together and unified but I don’t support never-ending war. That is the prize taken by interventionists like liberal interventionists like Obama and Bush, who was a neoconservative.

          • Minicapt

            Congratulations on making Trump sound sensible.


  • Hard Little Machine

    I have no problem with shooting liberals to death in the streets.

    • David

      It seems that it will come to that.

      • I’m against shooting Liberals. But waterboarding might work!

  • Clausewitz

    Classical Liberalism died with Louis St Laurent. The ascension of Pearson started the beginning of all power coming from the PMO, and since then has been an ongoing problem from all PM’s, but especially when the Liberals are in power.