Campus ‘crats

Radio host Derek Hunter writes,

Hollywood has made a lot of money with movies where an older lead character goes back to college and has the time of his or her life. Those movies always made the concept seem like a lot of fun and even had me thinking I’d have a blast if I could go back 15 years to my senior year. Then I read the news about what college campuses have become, and I realize how awful it actually would be.

Yes, it would be awful.

Well, 15 years later, that professor, and thousands more like him, have spread like a virus across the country, infecting universities with their fascistic impulses.

What once was laughed off or chalked up to a difference of opinion is now bordering on a hate crime. More.

Yes, but the purpose of universities seems to have changed.

They used to primarily turn out the middle class professionals of society and/or intellectuals (once called the clerisy).

Increasingly, universities are being reformatted to turn out ‘crats, people whose best hope is to work for some level of government, which consumes more and more of society.

Belonging to a public service union pays way better than a job as a barista.

Now, if we assume this model, we can easily understand why today’s student has little interest in intellectual freedom, his own or anyone else’s.

He is not at the U for any reason related to intellectual freedom. He is consumed by the need to police, to stop, to fix, to punish, to parade his grievances and his sense of threat to himself, and to demand support for his apparently quite fragile self-esteem. He will end up a good ‘crat.

Trust me, campuses were not like this in the late 1960s, and I sure miss those campuses now.

Alumni from those years, seriously reconsider your support. What you think you are supporting probably does not exist any more.

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