The Volkswagen diesel scandal was driven by carbon obsession

What fun it is watching again all those smug Volkswagen ads on YouTube, featuring men in mid-life crisis revving up their Golfs and Passats. German carmakers vie with French farmers for their sacred status in the European Union. That it has taken US authorities to sniff out the company’s cheating on emissions tests doesn’t say much for European environmental law, which is good at telling us we can only have low-powered kettles, but apparently unable to sniff out high emissions from overpowered diesel cars.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Personally I don’t give a shit about emissions (except nocturnal ones).
    I wouldn’t buy a Krautwagen because I’m old enough to remember what the Hun did to us in WW1 & WW11.

    • Most people don’t;)

    • Shebel

      If you can remember the Krauts then a nocturnal emission is probably a distant memory.

    • Maggat

      Come on guy, get over it. Germany needs to sell VWs and lot of them. After all they need to cash to finance their expanding population.

  • kkruger71

    Frankly I blame the SJWs on this one. When all they can do is cry about how evil all the corporations are no matter what steps they take, what do they expect? Whenever they jump through a hoop, the environmentalists just get another hoop, on and on, but still go on about how evil these companies are. So where is the incentive to play ball? Why bother trying anymore? If all they are ever going to do is call you evil, you can’t really be shocked when they shrug their collective shoulders and try to game the system.

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  • Clausewitz

    Just like Conrad Black, their crime is in being a non American in America.