Sex-ed critics blast Premier Wynne for accusing them of being motivated by ‘homophobia’

TORONTO, ON, October 2, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Opponents to the Liberal government’s sex-ed curriculum say that Premier Kathleen Wynne’s comments accusing them of being motivated by “homophobia” is part of a “calculated smear campaign” and shows they’ve got the premier on the run.

Wynne told the Toronto Sun Thursday that while “the values of the vast majority of people in Ontario are not ones of homophobia” there is “a group of people trying to stir up these very destructive and divisive attitudes.”

While Wynne’s comments came on the day of a province-wide student strike protesting the sex-ed curriculum, she was referring specifically to Thorncliffe Park elementary school in her Don Valley West riding, which on October 1 was emptied of more than half its student body.