Parents must take some blame for radicalised children if allowed to stay up all night online, says terror chief

Parents are partly to blame if their children become radicalised when they leave them to scour the internet all night, a counter terrorism chief has warned.

Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole said parents have questions to answer if their children are sitting on social media at 3am.

He spoke out as Britain’s youngest terrorist was detained for life after plotting to attack an Anzac Day parade in Australia from his Lancashire bedroom.

Jihad begins with Islam as set out in the Koran.

The building blocks of “radicalization” are laid one by one by Islam.

It is reinforced at home, at the madrassah, and at the Mosque.

No one is radicalized in a vacuum.

Internet radicalization is simply the latest canard designed to take the heat off of the Muslim community and Islam itself.

h/t Marvin