Obama: Never Letting a Good Mass Shooting Go To Waste

Mere hours after a young, mixed-race religion-hater fatally shot at least nine apparently Christian victims at an Oregon college, President Obama tried to harangue Americans into supporting fresh restrictions on guns, the most severely regulated consumer goods in America.

The shooter has been identified as 20-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer. Police say in mid-morning they received reports of a gunman walking around Umpqua Community College (UCC) near Roseburg, Ore. As is the case in all or perhaps nearly all mass shootings at schools, UCC was a gun-free zone.

  • Millie_Woods

    It wasn’t a gun free zone. It was only ‘declared’ to be a gun free zone. Carries about as much weight as declaring a university to be an idiot-free zone.

    • Xavier

      I’ve heard that repeated a number of times. I don’t doubt you, but the full story seems to be – if I’m hearing it correctly – that Oregon backed off of the run free zone laws a couple years ago but apparently had recently tightened them back up again. The college, of course, followed their own ideals and only allowed the guard to carry a can of mace.

      If anyone can cite an authoritative source on Oregon’s current gun free zone laws I would enjoy reading them.

      • Millie_Woods

        I’m assuming the university could declare it’s property to be gun free irregardless of what state laws are. I might be wrong about that but I have read where restaurants in open carry syates posted notice that their premises are gun free zones.

        • Xavier

          The law varies on that by state. In Texas, if a business posts a Gun Free Zone sign and you carry a gun in, you are breaking several laws and will probably be in serious trouble. In WV, my state, if a business posts a Gun Free Zone sign you can laugh at it and carry a gun in, concealed or exposed – you are not breaking any law. However if they ask you to leave because they don’t like your gun, and you refuse, then you are in violation – but it’s not a serious charge.

          Some counties and cities in various states have tried to establish themselves as gun free zones with different degrees of success. For the most part, state law trumps local code. But it’s always best to check.

          • Millie_Woods

            I’ve liked the U.S.’ ‘state constitution’ system because one size doesn’t always fit all. Slightly off topic, maybe if the universities declared themselves to be booze-free zones they could solve that rape problem they think they have.

          • Xavier

            A beneficial government works best at local and state levels.

            If universities got out of the policing business, they’d solve the rape problem they imagine they have.

          • Millie_Woods

            I drank a lot in university. I always did my best drinking right before my dad saw my grades.

          • Xavier

            Well, the Moslems will fix that. The days of free speech, frat parties, and sexual experimentation at uni are over.

          • Maggat

            Your last sentence was the crown of your post.

          • Xavier

            Thanks 😉

  • Clink9
  • terrence

    Apparently, Dear Leader, imam Obozo, referred to HIMSELF 28 times in 12 minutes in his commentary on the shooting at the Oregon school. Not surprising at all.

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  • terrence

    I mentioned this in another thread, but it is appropriate here, too:

    Record 94,610,000 Americans Not In Labor Force; Participation Rate Lowest In 38 Years

    Published October 2, 2015, AP, By Susan Jones, CNS News

    (CNSNews.com) – A record 94,610,000 Americans were not in the American labor force last month — an increase of 579,000 from August — and the labor force participation rate reached its lowest point in 38 years, with 62.4 percent of the U.S. population either holding a job or actively seeking one.

    • Millie_Woods

      As soon as Obama fixes the gun problem and that wicked slice he’s got off the tee box, he’ll get right on those unemployment numbers.

      • Clausewitz

        No he wont. He has to stand behind his lie that unemployment has fallen to 5.1%.