England: London’s “solution” to Uber is right out of science fiction

Here’s how the authorities in London, England want to deal with the threat Uber poses to their famous “black cabs”: They’re proposing a mandatory 5-minute wait.

  • Clausewitz

    Apparently the police in Toronto are making calls for the Uber service and giving the drivers tickets when they show up to pick up the fair. Another in my long list of why I no longer cross the Mississauga/Toronto border.

    • Esther Rodriguez

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  • BillyHW

    This is the perfect example of socialism.

  • Gary

    I watched a sci-fi called GATTACA with Jude Law which was about eugenics making a come back . People would have to qualify to get married and then use a State Clinic to get State approves sperm if they wanted children .
    Rather than Laws to force people to be equal they just engineered out the flaws by taking the best DNA traits to make a super-race where the mean IQ was in the genius level and where few disabled people existed other than from accidents as an adult .
    Reality struck one man when he didn’t qualify for the colonizing of a far away planet because even among the best there was the elites at the top.
    He borrows the ID of another man but needs to be a bit taller so he gets his legs extended by the operation to break the bones several times as they fill in the gaps when they heal while in braces.

    It was a boring life with good looking people and no sickness because the sperm had all the traits of a long life and no illness handed down.
    The sad part near then end gets missed if you don’t pay attention , the donor DNA ID person was disabled from a car accident and an ex-Olympic champ with several medals by not all Gold. As the replacement him gets ready to board the ship for the new Planet with his new girl friend as well, the disabled person feel like a failure and burden on the State…..so they kill them self at home via cremations by the home install garbage burning cylinder to reduce land fill use .
    The underdog gets in space while the disabled hero dies on earth knowing his ID is on the ship with the underdog to be on record as one of the person sent to populate the new planet.

    How pathetic that a World rejects any perceived disability from birth to the point they stop them from ever being born , but without diversity a super athlete and winner in the Olympics chooses death over a wheelchair
    because perfection is the norm for this master race that can’t deal with 2nd Place in sports or in Life.

  • disqusW6sf

    Yup the gov’t owns us. When gov’t is picking up the bill for so many things like providing jobs and footing the bill when we get sick. Yes they certainly can tell us how to live and therefore we have very little control over our lives.