Douglas Murray – The Intimidation Tactics of ‘Moderate’ Islam

Douglas Murray describes the intimidation tactics that so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims often use in the West today. The accompanying article is below.

Denmark’s free speech conference kept the spirit of Charlie Hebdo alive

This has been a terrible year for free speech. In January, after the atrocities in Paris, the whole world was ‘Charlie’, for about an hour. Then the violence and intimidation did the job they usually do (though we like to pretend otherwise) and by July even Charlie wasn’t Charlie anymore.

  • Alain

    The first problem I see is how people define “moderate Islam” or “moderate Muslim”. It seems that for many any Muslim who is not an active terrorist is a moderate, ignoring the bigger number of Muslims who support terrorism, and those who seek through lawfare to impose sharia on their host country. The demand for public or private non Muslim schools to serve only what they accept, the demand for special prayer rooms in schools and private and public places, and the list goes on. The woman refusing to uncover her face for the swearing in ceremony is another prime example, along with all those behind it. I am not saying there are no moderate Muslims in the West, but I have a very clear definition of what it means. It means that the person accepts the values, culture and laws of the host country, that the person integrates fully into society without demanding special treatment or privilege and does not preach hatred of those who do not share the same beliefs. As for “moderate” Islam, there is no such thing.

    • Brett_McS

      Exactly right. Women with colourful scarves covering their hair: OK, they are probably MINOs. Women wearing burkas with men sporting garden gnome beards: Not OK. Sure sign of jihad supporters.

      • Gary

        I think the plan for the islamists is to make their women dress in costumes to be unemployable and thus get Welfare as they pump out Jihad-jane/ Ahmed’s for allahs cause to create a Global caliphate( hell-hole) ruled by Sharia law .

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  • Gary

    The alleged 99% peaceful muslims are the real danger to western societies because their silence to protest the Terrorism by the 1% of their Brother’s makes them complicit by-proxy since it is seen as a tacit approval by terrorist that infer it as support to continue.

    I no longer believe Imam’s when they say they oppose violence against women or the child-bride pedophilia along with any homophobia because when ever it happens I don’t see them in the streets with the same 5000+ muslims that come out for a jew-hatred rally or pro-hamas rally where they freely spew hate right in front of the Police .

    Terrorism works….so Moderates don’t have to.

    • John

      The alleged 99% peaceful muslims are the real danger to western societies because their silence to protest the Terrorism by the 1% of their Brother’s makes them complicit by-proxy

      There are the dense undergrowth within which the jihadists move about unseen and unhindered. Were it not for the ‘moderates’ the jihadists would be in full view.

  • John

    Murray is an exceptionally brave man and an excellent speaker. HIs discussion of the secondary problem versus the primary problem is enlightening. The pols in all western countries are amazingly adept at dealing with, or repressing, the jusitified reaction…the secondary problem… to the predations of the primay problem, but utterly fail to do anything about the primary problem itself.

    Nothing concrete will change with this until there are a significant numbers of casualties among western politicians at the hands of jihadists. They won’t change course until they find themselves with their noses pressed against the barrel of a jihadist’s kalishnakov.

    And that day will most certainly come.