Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins Rip ‘Regressive Leftists’ Giving a ‘Free Pass’ to Islam

Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins, two of the most famous atheists in the U.S., both ripped “regressive leftists” for failing to understand they are anything but liberal when it comes to Islam.

  • truepeers

    Dicky needs to recognize that Muslims, as a victim group, are sacred to the left, sacred as a sign that shows by contrast all that is wrong with us. Muslims under attack are the new “Jews” and the colonialist whites are the “Nazis”. In other words, the victimary left have taken a historical event (the Holocaust and Hiroshima) and ritualized it as a paradigm for a new religion. Unless and until he takes seriously, not flippantly, the question of why we are religious beings, why this is an inevitable part of humanity, he won’t be an intellectually deep critic.

    • It is the failure of atheists.

      • bargogx1

        All too many atheists retreat into the “all religions are bad” position when confronted with Islam, like turtles pulling their heads into their shells. It takes an atheist with a spine, like Pat Condell, to clearly state that most religions, particularly Christianity, are much more benign than Islam.

    • John

      The Bolsheviks, all of whom were militant atheists, established an ideology that became, for all practical purposes, a religion far worse than the Russina Orthodoxy they destroyed. The punishments meted out for being a bourgeois reactionary ( a blasphemer ) or a socialist deviant ( a sinner) were worse than those of the inquisition. In addition, the Bolshevik obsession with ideological purity reminds me of the Saudi and Iranian obsession with moral/religious purity.

      Debunking or destroying organized religion does nothing to temper our innate religious impulses. They always end up galloping back in another form.

      • truepeers

        Yes, the proof of the Bolshevik religion came when they turned on their own and those scapegoated revolutionaries charged with being counter-revolutionary sat in their cells waiting execution and praising the party and Stalin as wondeful and true, just making a little mistake in their case but accepting their sacrifice as necessary in any case.

  • bargogx1

    Well, I guess Bill Maher is due for another pillorying from his fellow leftists. The first half of the video was painful to watch as those two awkwardly tried to be humourous about things that aren’t particularly humourous. It was also painful to watch those two intelligent individuals basically say that the same leftists who give Islam a free pass are right about everything else. It’s like they can’t, or won’t, make the connection between the leftist worldview and giving a free pass to Islam. Bill Maher in particular should know better, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other leftist ridicule as much leftist claptrap as he has.

  • David

    A stopped clock is right twice a day. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. I will never make peace with that pig.