Author decries radical Islam’s ‘culture of death’

Thane Rosenbaum fears a “déjà vu” of the 1930s may be taking place — only the current scenario features a nuclear-armed Iran, anti-Jewish language emanating from the Muslim world, and rising anti-Israel and Jewish sentiment, particularly in Europe.

“In the 1930s you never heard such avowed Jewish-hating language,” he said of the threats contained in statements from Iran, Hamas, and other extremist groups, countries, and regimes in the Middle East. Even Hitler would have said, ‘You can’t say that.’

  • Shebel

    People should become very afraid when ‘deja vu’ becomes ‘foreshadowing’ .
    What is it going to take?

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  • Barrington Minge

    Forget reading this shyte mooslims, just go ahead and die…that’s what the book says anyway.