Obama’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Afghanistan

World events in the last few years have a habit of making President Obama look foolish.

Take the president’s speech Monday before the U.N. General Assembly. There, Obama spoke solemnly about the limits of U.S. unilateral military power and the importance of international cooperation. Half a world away in Afghanistan, the Taliban took the major city of Kunduz.

  • Jan Morrissy

    I wish I could say, “Obama is an idiot”, but he’s not. He has a plan and (the idiot) he’s carrying it out. Cannot wait until he’s gone!

    • mobuyus

      I would like to see obama given a fair trial and then hanged.

    • Blacksmith

      Oh he is an idiot, I believe he also has a plan. His strings are pulled by the likes of Valjar and Soros, and most likely they gave him the plan.

  • mobuyus

    obama has given the green light to assholes every where with his brazen principled cowardice.

  • Blacksmith

    This is what happens when you have a community organizer for president. He has no clue as to what a president should do. He thinks sound bites can cure everything, unfortunately for him other world leaders like Putin and the Iranians etc. see right through his BS and continue to do what they want.

  • Gary

    Obama just appointed that Pink Tie homosexual as head of the Military and it will be interesting to see how he opines on the rampant homosexual-pedophilia on the US Bases in Afghan where it is the Policy to accept muslims raping little boys as part of their culture in Afghan.

    If it was girls we would see NOW going after Obama , but because it’s gay rape by muslim males I doubt that GLAAD or Obama will give a damn .