New photos reveal sequence of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo shooting

By the time reports began to emerge about a shooting at the National War Memorial last Oct. 22, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was lying by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier dying in a pool of his own blood, and the troubled Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau had taken his rampage to Parliament Hill.

  • Kevin Vickers did good that day.

    That is what I have to say.

  • Gary

    Gotta love Tommy and Lil Justy when they had the nerve to claim that a self-professed muslim , Quran-reading, mosque-going , mekkah praying, pro-hamas scarf wearing , killing while praising allah in Arabic wasn’t a muslim and had NOTHING to do with islam .

    Muhammad him self could stand before Justin and behead a jew while citing the quran and praising allah and Justin would STILL say the he had noting to do with islam and wasn’t a muslim.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    I don’t understand why the government is stopping those Muslims terrorists to leave the country forever, this monster wanted to travel over there ,is much better that they go and do their terrorism mission outside the country , not over here .