‘He told Christians they would meet God in one second – then shot them’

The harrowing story of how one 18-year-old student survived the Oregon college shooting by playing dead has been revealed.

Anastasia Boylan was in a classroom on her fourth day studying at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg when Chris Harper-Mercer entered and shot her professor dead point-blank.

She told her family that he told his victims to stand up and declare their religion, before telling them: ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second.’

He then shot his victims, including Anastasia, who told her father she survived by playing dead. She underwent surgery on Thursday after doctors found a bullet lodged in her spine, but was strong enough to speak with her family before the operation.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    This guy , base on his expressions and terrorist act was converted to Islam , he was against Christians , time to shUT down the mosques and declare Muslims a real enemy.

    • I think he was just a nut.

      • Maurixio Garciasanchez

        Well look at the question he asked his victims (are a Christian?) He must have some Muslim connection.

        • African

          Christians have many enemies and those enemies could be muslims, radical secularists, “LGBTQ” homosexual fascists,
          extremist atheists, social darwanists, moral relativists, Anti-Christ and deranged individuals, inner city drug addicts and many more…

      • moraywatson

        Barenakedislam is posting connections to islam.

      • pdxnag

        His apparent hate is not inconsistent with the religion of the Left today.

    • Exile1981

      Both of his friends on my space where strong ISIS supporters and muslims.

    • African

      Christians everywhere should stop whining and complaining. The should unite under the banner of the Cross, go on the offensive and KILL their enemies.

  • Xavier

    Ben Franklin’s maxim, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately” needs to be updated and taught to all students. A single student, yelling out an agreed upon word (like “Teamwork!) could trigger an immediate attack on a killer from multiple directions, making it difficult for them to target specific individuals. People can and will act altruistically when they have close bonds to others they’re protecting, and when they understand they will be killed one by one of they don’t act in unison. Cowering in fear is a terrible and almost certain way to die – if it’s time to die, it’s better to go out fighting and trying to save others.

    • Blind Druid

      Wholeheartedly agree, but that is not how people (kids in this case) actually react to a threat. Flight 91 knew they were doomed, they had time to make a plan. The Paris train guys were trained soldiers. Interesting to see if he really was a Muzz convert.

      • Xavier

        We have to try. Right now, we are doing nothing because these killings further the progressive gun control issue. How else can a college possibly justify an unarmed guard?

        • Clausewitz

          Gun free zones are the happy hunting grounds of extremists. It takes a good person with a gun to take down an evil person with one.

    • The Butterfly

      It works for zombies.

  • The Butterfly

    Targeting Christians? Watch this disappear from the news cycle in 3, 2, 1…

  • Doo Da Daze
    • tom_billesley

      Sorry, we cross-posted – yours appeared after I’d finished composing.

  • tom_billesley

    Parramatta, NSW, Australia. Civilian police worker shot leaving state police HQ. Gunman shot dead in exchange of fire with special constables.


    A POLICE staffer was shot dead on Friday in a “callous murder” by a lone gunman outside the state’s police headquarters in Parramatta.

    Counter-terrorism officers are working with the Homicide Squad as chilling new details have emerged about how the staffer was targeted and shot in the head at point blank range by the gunman, said to be of Middle Eastern appearance and dressed in a black robe, before he opened fire on special constables.

    Witnesses to the shooting said the gunman had been waving the gun above his head. “I saw him pacing up and down at police headquarters with a gun above his head, he was yelling something and dressed in a black robe,” witness Edwin Almeida said.

  • T.C.

    This is a handy little site for comparison of homicide and firearm related homicides country by country:

    The USA is a relatively peaceful and law-abiding country when compared to Brazil and South Africa. In fact, it really doesn’t really have a homicide problem when compared to these two countries.
    And Canada’s homicide rate is comparable to that found in the U.K. even though we have more gun homicides (but not that many more – about 50% of Canadian gun homicides are the result of native and immigrant gangs knocking each other off).
    You can ban the guns, but banishment won’t have an effect on overall homicide or suicide rates. That’s a given. Better off looking at the groups that commit the majority of homicides and attempt to modify their behavior. But thats racist.

  • Exile1981

    I was readingbthat someone update his my space site five times yesterday and his dating profile twice yesterday and all of those happened after he was dead and police knew his identity but before they released his name.

    So who made the changes and what exactly did they change and why?

    • Xavier

      I saw that too. There’s a lot of misinformation at the start of these things and someone may be trying to portray him as something he’s wasn’t – like a conservative republican, or Moslem, or atheist.

      I just wish we could trust the media to eventually tell the true facts, but if it doesn’t fit their agenda we may never know what happened.

      • Exile1981

        The fact his page was updated 5 times between his death and the release of his name implies that who ever was doing the updates they had inside info that he was the shooter.

  • A generation of liberal schools have taught, everyone is a victim. And the victims are entitled to some sort of compensation.

    All it takes them, is one fruitcake with a gun.

    When I was a child 60 years ago we were taught personal responsibility. We did not have any of these mass murderers.

    Liberals will blame it on the gun. But there were just as many guns when I was a child, and we did not have these shootings.

    I blame it on “no responsibility – victimhood – entitlement” mentality taught by liberals.

    Liberal chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Xavier

    Federal agency: Oregon college shooter Chris Harper Mercer had body armor, 3 pistols, rifle and 5 extra magazines – @AP


    “…three handguns and a long gun similar to an AR-style rifle. Investigators also found several magazines for 5.56mm ammunition and a ballistics vest…”

    Time to buy more .223/5.56, they’re going after the AR-15 again. I recommend Hornaday polymer tipped hollow points – Personal Defense TAP-FPD, in 55 and 75 grain. If they can’t create a gun ownership database, they’ll eventually make you register the ammo purchase. Same outcome – first step toward confiscation.


    Moslems in front of us and atheists behind.

    What would Chesty Puller say?

  • pdxnag

    Is that hate and snark any different than what one can find every single day on a site like Daily Kos? They mask their hate by blaming guns, as if they cannot control their own impulses.

    • Mark van der Wal

      Yea they talk about gun control here but speak of hate to the dentist who killed Cecil the lion,they held him totally responsible ,let me get that shoot an animal it your fault kill numerous Christians it gun control problem.

      • pdxnag

        I think you can still edit that post for readability.