Grab The Popcorn: Ontario’s Liberal Left Runs Head On Into Islam

Teacher vows to be ‘lightning rod’ for truth amid sex-ed protests

When parents refused to send their kids to school on “Pink Day” — thinking it was promoting homosexuality, rather than anti-bullying — Thorncliffe teacher Susan Mabey got her first inkling that the controversy about the new health curriculum wasn’t just about sex.

It was also about homophobia.

With a vocal parent group in the neighbourhood now openly stating their worries about gay teachers in the school or even “homosexuality books” — and after seeing gay colleagues leave the school in recent years because of an atmosphere in which they felt vulnerable — Mabey decided someone needed to be the “lightning rod,” to speak openly about what’s going on.

“I have been on the front lines of the gay and lesbian movement since the early ’80s, and we fought long and hard for rights that are enshrined,” she said in an exclusive interview with the Star on Thursday, as 200 parents and children stood on the sidewalk out front of the school protesting the updated sex-ed curriculum.


This woman should know that criticism of Islam is racist. Tsk Tsk Tsk… What an Islamophobe

Oh Goodness – She’s UC! h/t Simus!