Conservatives crank up heat on ‘barbaric cultural practices’ before final French debate #elxn42

OTTAWA — Campaigning Conservatives continued to press the hot buttons Friday, highlighting what they call “barbaric cultural practices” and Muslim facial coverings amid evidence the tight, three-way election race may be starting to break loose.

The NDP, which appears to be getting squeezed in national public opinion surveys over the past two weeks, is fighting back with a proposal to protect voters’ rights — hoping to reignite public dismay with Conservative changes to the elections act and remind voters of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decade-long record in office.

  • The Butterfly

    The left is having a meltdown over this because it’s working to bring support over to the Conservatives.

    • jayme

      The left thought sucking up to the Islamic vote would win them the election now that seems to be back firing.

    • I’m luvin it;)

  • Gary

    I had to laugh at Peggy Nash from the NDP because her office on Bloor street is a short walk from a known Jew-hating pro-hamas radical mosque that embraced the islamist Egyptian Mohammad Elmasry that justified the murdering of any person in Israel over 19 .
    Peggy Nash and other NDPer’s pretend to accept islam as a religion of peace and that the Niqab is a choice and not part of Politcial islam.
    What’s even funnier is the Liberal Candidate across the street where they have a Rainbow Flag in the window while Justin goes to Homophobic mosques and Wynne gave islamists a mosque in 2 public schools in Ontario.

    Nash and Wynne will among the first groups hanged under sharia law, so to some it’s not ALL bad news.

  • mauser 98

    enlightened fellow holding knife is also holding hammer sideways ?
    flat side against curved knife