Barry, in response to “MSM Lies About the Oregon Shootings”

Only fashionable identity groups matter today.

  • Ed

    A trivial man, looking for positive feedback from trivial poseurs.

  • terrence

    He does NOT want to hear ANYTHING about the really low employment rate; and he will NOT mention what he said (LIED ABOUT) when he was running for election – I will NOT take your guns, you can keep your guns, etc, etc…

  • infedel

    Pray for us — we are being led by an idiot.

  • V10_Rob

    The gunman self-identified as a Republican (the media is glossing over inconsistencies like targeting Christians), and the frenzy is on. They’ve finally found their Tea Party terrorist, or at least something close enough.

    The ‘reporting’ by CTV (to name one) is pure editorialization. Every word drips of condescension about American gun culture, and how stupid people are for still resisting gun control