Ad encourages Danes to ‘do it for mom!’

Spies Travel still wants Danes to have more sex. The creators of the viral hit ‘Do it for Denmark’ that encouraged Danes to have more babies are back with a new plea. This time the travel agency is appealing more to guilt than patriotism by telling Danes they should ‘Do it for Mom!’.

English subs…

  • Sexy.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir
  • Edubeat

    Rene Levesque once berated Quebeckers abt their low birth rate. He told all citizens ‘they must use their loins’ to increase Quebec’s birth rate beyond replacemet levels. Its somewhat odd as RL was one of the architects of QC’s Quiet Revolution (under Jean Lesage) who wanted to free women from their traditional role as homemakers with large families (1960’s). Moreover Levesque offered monetary rewards (1980s) for large families. History repeats itself in the oddest ways.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    They can’t have babies , they are busy with their job and their dogs .

  • Alain

    I doubt it is a need for more sex, but a need to stop aborting their babies.

  • Blacksmith

    Generally whites only have the children they can afford, they want their children to have a better life than they had so therefore they cannot afford to have to many or they can’t pay for the education etc. Then you have the leftist (mostly) who are more concerned with what they want and are to self centered to want to have children to take away from their play.