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Tories promise RCMP tip line for people to report neighbours for ‘barbaric cultural practices’

OTTAWA — Campaigning Conservatives continued to press the hot buttons Friday, focusing on what they call “barbaric cultural practices” and Muslim facial coverings amid evidence the tight, three-way election race may be starting to break loose.

Chris Alexander, the Conservative immigration minister who’s facing a tough Liberal challenge in his Toronto-area riding, held a news conference Friday to remind the electorate of last November’s “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act,” and to promise even more government resources if re-elected, including a proposed RCMP tip line where people could report “information about incidents of barbaric cultural practices in Canada.”

  • Everyone Else

    nobody seems to realize the barbaric culture practices the conservatives are talking about is female genital mutilation

    • Alain

      I think honour killings qualify also.

  • truepeers

    Watch out crazy hockey moms and thuggish CFL players: we’re coming for you…. Ahh but if we accept, in degrees, that kind of barbarism, we need a government that openly accepts it, within limits, as a given part of our national identity and goes further to specify what kinds of barbarism we won’t accept because it’s not us, not in our national interest, or because it’s more violent than what we practise. Playing at “liberalism for all”, like Nemshi, is not a solution; it just deepens the problem of the presently non-discussible norms we need to loudly share and argue through in order to mediate tensions and potential violence, and it grows the desire to try using government or “law” arbitrarily against whatever group or person we in turn fancy resenting as barbaric. We all have some barbarism in us, and it would be hell if it were all reportable to cops and hrcs charged with balancing victimary vendettas.

    Having said that, just talking about babarism vs. civilization is probably a step forward. I’ll be further impressed if they go on to distinguish savagery from barbarism. Talking such questions through is how we reestablish a shared identity, then test it again and again for what we need…

  • ntt1

    What about eviscerating a freshly cooked haggis by carving Saint George’s cross into the steaming mess then pouring a dram or two of good scotch into the gaping wound? What about poorly conditioned men wearing saggy kilts with inappropriate leggings? Then there is the pure violence of bashed ‘neeps, Won’t Burn’s night festivities generate a slew of complaints ?

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    • Heh;)

  • Edubeat

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