Why I Walked Out on the Bonds Speech at My Shul

Every Yom Kippur, shuls across North America hold a bonds drive for the purpose of selling Israel Bonds to help the Jewish state’s economy. And every year, a Bonds chairman or representative is appointed to give an introductory speech that is supposed to serve as the inspiration for opening our hearts and eventually our wallets.

  • David

    “There is, absolutely, not a people in the history of the entire world who has been hated more, persecuted more, or killed more than the Jewish people.”

    • Too many Farberites;)

    • WalterBannon

      …and she was killed again by these quislings, every time they stand with the left and muslims against us

  • Achmed

    Then if that is what they feel about the misery of oppressed Muslim people dying they shouldn’t be using it to sell Israel bonds. That is beyond offensive!
    They should be using such tragedies in the Jewish temples to fundraise for good related charitable groups like Islamic Relief Worldwide, Council on American-Islamic Relations, American Muslims for Palestine, or if you want a neutral independent United Nations agency, then the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

    • Minicapt

      If only the Arabs could fully practice the teachings of the Prophet, as defined by His Sharia, in all countries of Dar al Harb, there would be peace and gentle submission through out the world.


  • Censored_EG

    Thank you for an excellent article, Rachel. I agree with every point you raised in the article. I would have walked out, too.