Useful Idiot Justin Trudeau & Liberals attempt to distance themselves from donor wanted by China #elxn42

A Chinese property developer in British Columbia who has donated to the Liberal Party of Canada, but has turned up on a list of suspected fugitives wanted by the Chinese government, never had an official role within the party, the Liberals said in a statement.

The party distanced itself from Michael Ching Mo Yeung Wednesday, clarifying that fundraising events attended by the Vancouver-based developer, and organized in part by his daughter, were all done according to Elections Canada rules.

Michael Ching Mo Yeung standing next to Mr. Trudeau at a $120-a-plate fundraising dinner in 2013

Justin Trudeau, always eager to receive money in return for “multicultural” favours, stands next to wanted fugitive Michael Ching Mo Yeung at a $120-a-plate Liberal Party fundraising dinner in 2013