Useful Idiot Justin Trudeau & Liberals attempt to distance themselves from donor wanted by China #elxn42

A Chinese property developer in British Columbia who has donated to the Liberal Party of Canada, but has turned up on a list of suspected fugitives wanted by the Chinese government, never had an official role within the party, the Liberals said in a statement.

The party distanced itself from Michael Ching Mo Yeung Wednesday, clarifying that fundraising events attended by the Vancouver-based developer, and organized in part by his daughter, were all done according to Elections Canada rules.

Michael Ching Mo Yeung standing next to Mr. Trudeau at a $120-a-plate fundraising dinner in 2013

Justin Trudeau, always eager to receive money in return for “multicultural” favours, stands next to wanted fugitive Michael Ching Mo Yeung at a $120-a-plate Liberal Party fundraising dinner in 2013

  • David Murrell

    Cat, your link doesn’t work. Does this link work?

  • Frances

    Would a similar donation to the Conservatives be equally valid under Elections Canada rules?

  • ontario john

    Don’t look to the CBC to cover the story. They are too busy in Niagara Falls all day interviewing people on how evil Harper is. CBC is going full throttle to get the lieberals or NDP elected so they can get all that extra money.

    • David Murrell

      This is because CBC News is a corrupt, corrupt organization, from top to bottom. As you say, they want more government money coming from a Liberal government.

  • Waffle

    ***Slightly O/T***
    Has your voter card come in the mail yet?

    If not, it may have been delivered to the wrong address. Honest mistake? Something tells me probably not (all those UNIFOR $$ at work).

    My street address is 655, my voter card went to 665. Thank goodness my friend and neighbour happens to work at 665 and brought me my card. Strange, eh?

    • Alain

      Here in BC my wife, daughter (living at home at present) and I received our voter cards last week without a problem. It sounds like you may have a local problem.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Ours arrived yesterday, no problem.

    • Clink9

      My mail is always going next door. We have a superbox down the street and the lowest bid contractors screw it up.