Unlike Obama, Putin is in Syria to win. Here’s how he’ll do it

According to some reports, Russian fighter jets have just wiped out the so-called “moderates” in Syria that Obama has been arming.

  • V10_Rob

    Putin simply doesn’t give a **** what anyone else thinks, or who calls him names, or if #stopputin is trending.

    It’s not a question of having the means, it’s a question of having the will.

    • Why did he not exercise his will earlier?

      Perhaps I am pondering this point a little too much but why did he not intervene earlier?

      Is the European front not turning out? Are the economic sanctions too much?

  • I’m pretty great, aren’t I?

    • African

      Yes you are Vlad. Keep up the good work! Wipe out those evil jihadists and their American backers!

    • Clink9

      Your eating his lunch.

  • Ed

    He watches 24 to see how a president should act.

  • What can you say? Ezra’s analysis is bang on. Ezra conveyed more significant information in that eight-minute clip to the public than 50 “investigative journalists” from the CBC can convey in an entire year. And he did it objectively, and transparently — he has never hidden the fact that he is conservative. And I can do whatever I want with the information — I’m not required to make “a statement of faith”. Or else.

    The CBC does the opposite — no objectivity, and they work extremely hard to pretend that they don’t have any biases. And there’s always the “or else” (e.g.: you will be labeled with one of the many “phobias” we have invented to deal with dissenters). When I was University I learned something very important about sifting facts, and it was conveyed to me by one of my professors:
    “I have no problem if you have a bias — we all have our biases — so long as you declare your bias, you won’t lose any marks for it.”

    It seriously makes me wonder if anyone in the CBC has received a Western liberal University education, or are they all a bunch of drop-outs? Or maybe they were all educated in Patrice Lumumba of the former USSR.

    • Brett_McS

      I knew there was a reason I haven’t watched TV news at all in … let’s see … about 20 years. In fact I stopped watching even before the web came around to provide an alternative. I just didn’t appreciate being lied to.

      • Well, in consolation, I don’t pay a cent for TV — never have and never will. I “pirate” the signals.

    • Arianna Quarles

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  • Brett_McS

    But, but, … wait till we have the F-35!!

    • Little known fact: the Russians also used the Mil-24 in Nicaragua, during the Contra insurgency. A deadly helicopter warship — even the American Blackhawk doesn’t quite measure up. But the Yanks at least supplied the Contra insurgents with Stingers, to put them on equal ground. But that was a different era when Reagan was at the helm — Obama wouldn’t be fit to polish the cowboy boots of Reagan.

      Not drawing any direct comparisons here, ’cause I’m still kinda leaning in favour of the “cowboy” Putin. Whoda thunk that a hard-core anti-communist would someday have admiration for a former KGB agent.

      • ntt1

        maybe its because the free world, for now ,is lead by a homosexual islamist sympathizer .

        • A homosexual? Believe me the only people the guy has f**ked is women. Just ask Hillary Clinton.


      • Minicapt

        The Blackhawk is a utility helicopter, not a gunship. The counterpart of the Hind would have been the Huey Cobra.


        • Can’t debate that with you. I’m not military. Although I often wished I was. But I think I saw a few Hueys in my day — would you actually put that up against a Mil-24?

          • Minicapt

            The Hind was designed as a multi-role assault chopper: it could carry an 8-man infantry section, plus several tons of ordnance. In theory a force or Hinds could deliver ground troops into battle and then provide fire support. Unfortunately delivering an attack force eight troops at a time is worse than Hueys with ten- twelve troops each. And the size of the Hind made it less nimble than the Huey Cobra while not giving it a load advantage.
            The Huey was a Utility Helicopter, primarily used for troop transport and supply, but also capable of being armed. However the latter role was not comparable to the Hind’s armed capabilities. The Hip would be a larger companion to the Huey, and likewise can be fitted for air-ground support.
            The Russian Army continue to use a few Hinds in the Mil-35 version, but they now are deploying the Havoc and Hokum as replacements.


          • From what I’ve read, basically all helicopters were designed as troop transport. But I give credit to the yanks for modifications in Viet Nam. But it seems it was the Russians who stole the idea and started designing them as pure killing machines.

            I lived less than a mile from a military airport during an insurgency abroad — I saw so much American military hardware flying overhead that I hardly noticed anymore — my biggest complaint was if the “tortilla girl” arrived too late. I remember driving the roads and spotting a bunch of U.S. Marines fixing a bridge, stopping the car and shouting at them: “what the fuck are you boys doing here fixing a fucking cattle bridge?” I had just returned from the jungle, no gun, temporarily abducted by so-called “friendlies”, and transited territory beaded with land mines. Meanwhile the U.S. Marines were fixing bridges for cattle farmers 200 miles away from the conflict zone. I was just an NGO — I couldn’t shoot my way out of a wet paper bag.
            And meanwhile the Left-wing U.S. media was publishing the exact opposite — “American Marines are killing cattle farmers”, or some stupid thing to that effect. If I had a gun (and I actually knew how to use it) and I knew I could get away with it, I would put a bullet in the head of any Left-wing journalist — with the full confidence that Jesus would accept me into heaven for eternity, and the dead commie journalist would pass an eternity in hell.

          • Minicapt

            The Cobra went into service in 1969, the Hind was beginning flight testing that year. Bell flew a predecessor/prototype of the Cobra in the early Sixties.


      • mobuyus

        The old mi-24 used to have a canvas tail section. Heavy armor in the front and nothing in the rear. Afghani’s would put a kid on a 50 cal and wait for it to fly past and then nail it in the tail.

  • ntt1

    with islam there are no moderates . There where sketchy factions that a credulous obambam administration were foolishly arming , they are gone. Their support or reliability decided by a few russian aircraft passes. I guess the concern is that as turkey bombs the kurds, the only reliable anti isis faction fighting the islamists < and now the russians taking out the few failing threads of anti assad resistance , that global realpolitik will trump what is happening on the ground and isis may become even stronger.