Thornhill Iranian Outpost Mosque Being Raided By Feds?

Rumours have reached mine ears that the Islamic Shia Ithna Atheri Jamaat HQ, is being raided by the Feds over “charitable” contributions.

Update: It’s confirmed the Jaffari Centre has been raided but at this point I am unsure of the reasons.

As you are aware I have a long history with the Iranian Outpost. This is good news if true.

The Iranian Government and the Thornhill Mosque: Charity Status for Advocating Pedophilia?

The Government of Iran continues to move money into Canada through their Khomeinist proxies in search of greater influence. This influence is felt through a list of three charities run by the Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat, otherwise known as the Thornhill Mosque. This is just one of their proxies. Some of the money is laundered through charity fraud, using CRA tax receipts. The Imam and Alim (religious scholar) of the mosque, Sayyid Rizvi, advocates in his publications that sex with nine year old girls is permissible in the context of a temporary marriage.