The Real Campus Sexual Assault Problem—And How to Fix It

The policy conflict over allegations of sexual assault on college campuses has become a battle over rights. Conservatives worry about the rights of the accused in the hands of overzealous administrators, while liberals fear that those same officials might ignore the rights of victims by focusing on due process and thereby adding to the trauma of those who say they were assaulted. In broad legal terms, conservatives say that evidence against the accused should be “clear and convincing,” while liberals favor a less demanding standard. This conflict is driven by radically different views of the rape problem itself. Conservatives are concerned that scarred and angry women might be leveling assault charges in the regretful wake of drunken hook-ups, while liberals insist that in such encounters, consent is rarely if ever actually granted.

  • Frances

    It needs to be spelled out very clearly to young women that going out and getting blind drunk is a serious recipe for disaster. Furthermore, regret the morning-after-the-night-before does not make the encounter rape.

  • The idea a woman cannot give consent while drunk is asinine.

    Lots of women want sex when drunk. Some prefer it that way.

    If women are stupid enough to get drunk, with drunk men, why should the drunk men, be more responsible, for (both of) their actions, than the drunk women?

    As with all issues dealing with gender issues – men are always wrong.

  • Chris

    I drive cab for a living and every weekend I take half blitzed college and university kids to the bars (pre-drinking being the order of the day because it’s cheaper) then a couple hours later take the completely plastered ones back home. All I ever hear is who hooked up with who in the bar wash room, who’s going to hook up with who, and the damn bitches drank me broke then disappeared.
    Booze isn’t the only issue here, party drugs (cocaine, molly, mdma, etc) are getting to be epidemic if not there already. Rape is a reprehensible crime, but when both parties are in altered states of consciousness how can any blame be assigned.

    • Arianna Quarles

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  • El Martyachi
  • tom_billesley

    The characteristic liberal preference for perception rather than substance applies to justice too.

  • simus1

    If even the dead must serve the revolution, it behooves the sisterhood to confine their rape accusations to sons of the wealthy patriarchy.