Pope Francis’s Hypocritical Politicking

Unpopular though it may be to say so, I, for one, grew exhausted by the non-stop pronouncements/commentaries of Pope Francis.

The spiritual leader of 1 billion Catholics — roughly half of the world’s Christians — Francis just completed a high-profile, endlessly publicized visit to the United States. But unlike past visiting pontiffs, the Argentine-born Francis weighed in on a number of hot-button U.S. social, domestic, and foreign-policy issues during a heated presidential-election cycle.

  • GoianiaHeights

    I don’t think you realise who this guy thinks he is 😉

  • simus1

    Gets very good media coverage for a pope –

    once the MSM were sure he was “one of them”.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It appears that he is a graduate of the old Soviet Union’s Liberation Theology.

  • The pope is a hypocrite, and selectively ignores facts.

    If you believe in “global warming”, the largest thing you can do to prevent it is, by eating vegan. The pope could even encourage his flock to become vegan. (If all Christians became vegan, there would be significant advantages for the global environment.) Few (if any) vegans are as overweight as the pope.

    As for the debate about “capitalism”, where would you rather be poor, North or South Korea? And why do the overwhelming majorities of refugees head towards the capitalist states?

    This pope wastes his good will on clearly debatable issues not related to “faith” while thousands of Christians are being murdered by Muslims in the Middle East. He is a complete failure at his primary job.

  • Dana Garcia

    Francis is a meddling foreign pope-entate seeking to make America more catholic via open borders to the millions of hispanics to the south. The will all vote for big government, so the Dems love the BS spiritual patina on lawbreaking invasion. It stinks.

    Why doesn’t he do something useful, like speak out against the genocide of Christians in the Middle East? Or is warm and fuzzy outreach to choppers more to his liking?

  • The Butterfly

    This pope is a fool.

  • FactsWillOut

    The hatred of the Pope (and some catholics) for non-Catholic Christians is no doubt on par with the hatred of Sunnis by Shia.

    • Petr

      Pope is not a christian, he is a communist, those are mutually exclusive (Thou shalt not steal …).