New York City Council Honors Ethel Rosenberg, Executed for High Treason for Delivering the US’ Atomic Bomb Plans to the Soviet Union, for Her “Great Bravery”


They’re not saying her “great bravery” consisted of delivering the bomb to the Soviet Union. Wink. Actually, they are saying that, but they want plausible deniability; so they’re claiming they’re honoring her “great bravery” in leading a labor strike, while denying the atomic spy charges. (Which are undeniable — see the Venona intercepts… )

Daniel Greenfield.

  • She was a scumbag commie.

    • So is the New York City Council.

      • Clausewitz

        Yep, a bunch of Agenda 21 loving commies lead by a Sandinista.

    • The thing that kills me is Progressives continually pretend that fascist Communism has either never really existed or never posed any sort of threat to freedom.

      E.g.: a round-table discussion on TVO last night re: refugees, hosted by Steve Paikin. Where once again the otherwise excellent host Paikin got sucked into bringing in a bunch of Left-wing dufuses as historians and “professional analysts”. A couple of the so-called “analysts”, were probably only ten years old when 9/11 occurred, and weren’t even a “twinkle in their daddy’s eyes” when Communism occupied 1/3 of the territory of the entire earth, and subjugated 1/4 of the global population for more than 50 years. Nazism didn’t even come close to doing that, and militant Islam still has a way to go to be comparable. In fact nothing in history compares to Communist domination.

      And we are still reeling from its long-term propaganda effects — Communist ideology has infiltrated Western academia, and has evolved into an apologist for, if not a facilitator of, the spread of fascist Islam.

  • Xavier

    New York will pay for their PC madness in the form of another 9/11. My initial thoughts were that the majority of the NY population doesn’t deserve that sort of punishment, but if they tolerate – nay, elect – these uber-leftists then they do deserve whatever they get.

    • Alain

      True except in this case it amounts to honouring a communist spy, a blatant traitor, which is beyond PC.

      • David

        I’m beginning to wonder if we can ever reconcile with the left wing fools in the west.

  • FactsWillOut

    NYC council honors Osama Bin Laden for his brave fight for freedom.

  • WalterBannon

    communists are only good for shooting

  • irishrus

    looks like she had a lip transplant from her a-hole

    • David

      Weaned on a pickle.

  • UCSPanther

    A nation that honors its traitors is one that has no future.