Israel Will Stop Iran From Getting Nukes, Expert Says

“Can I tell you a secret? Iran is not going nuclear — it won’t happen. Israel will not allow it to happen,” Rose, an XM Satellite Radio host and former CEO of the Jerusalem Post, predicted. “War is coming. There’s no doubt about that.

  • Xavier

    A secret? Anyone with half a brain realized that Obama’s deals gave Israel no choice but to strike Iran first, and that was the whole intention. Demonize Israel, let Iran play the victim, and let the UN place sanctions on Israel for being forced to prevent a nuclear attack on themselves.

    I mean, duh.

    • There will be war. The only question is when? Will it be before or after the coming US presidential election.

      If the Israelis can wait, and if a republican or non-Obama clone is elected, the war could be quick.

      If the Israelis feel a compelling need to strike before the election, it will get ugly fast. And that includes the possibility of significant US losses.

      And the Iranians will make sure the world’s oil supply is disrupted.

      Expect war within 36 months. Maybe lots sooner.

  • DMB
    • disqusW6sf

      It’s catchy.

  • terrence


  • That’s no surprise, really.

  • mauser 98

    ..Boeing, Airbus ,banks to benefit from Iran nuke deal
    Iran says the country needs to acquire 400 aircraft over the next decade
    Iran deal may have some bankers “licking their lips”,