Hard Right, Easy Mark

Joshua Goldberg is a walking stereotype of an Internet troll (Fat? Check. Lives with his mom? Check. No social life? Check). Through his complicated network of online personas, Goldberg was a one-man flame war. He impersonated an ISIS-affiliated Muslim radical, a Jewish lawyer, a free-speech-hating feminist, and a neo-Nazi. In a twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan (and that’s not meant as a compliment), his attempt to tutor an actual Muslim terrorist in the fine art of bomb-making “epic failed” when it turned out that the “actual” terrorist was himself (surprise) a troll (an FBI informant).

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    He was the Michelangelo of trolling.

    • He approached me on twitter as Monn Metroplois asking if I would link to his posts on Thought Catalogue, which were published under his real name. He was funny and irreverent, so I offered a co-blogger spot in BCF.

      I had no idea about his trolling or alter ego Australi Witness, but man did he know how to drive traffic. He would link his posts here all over the web in whatever forums he was a member of.

  • Osh

    With all of his personas, are we sure Joshua Goldberg isn’t really Roger the Alien from American Dad?