“Carbon dioxide isn’t real pollution”: Volkswagen’s real crime was selling a fake solution to an imaginary problem

By now you’ve probably heard all about the huge Volkswagen scandal…

  • irishrus

    Business finally telling P.C. to get lost over all North American businesses (except Chick filla} kissing their ass if it goes ka-ching.

    When is Chick filla coming to North Kor.. er North Cub…er North Kand er North Kanada?

  • The Butterfly

    Amen. We are just hurting our industries with this global warming faux-science madness.

  • ontario john

    And of course we have the Premier of the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Alberta, meeting today with the Premier of the People’s Democratic Socialist Homosexual Republic of Ontario, to discuss global warming. I’m sure Wynne can give her good advice on how to convert those nasty oil fields into wind turbine farms.

  • simus1

    Ezra getting a bit ahead of the curve.
    The VW emissions scandal revolves around excessive production of nitrogen oxides which create smog and breathing difficulties for some . The fix will probably result in greater amounts of CO2 from the engines which will cause the earth to melt right out from under us.

    • You mean more evil CO2?! But CO2 causes plants to flourish — that’s why we call it “the greenhouse effect”. We wouldn’t want more plants to flourish, because that might provide more food for starving people.

      And can you imagine how it will affect the Inuit in the North? Instead of having to pay $20.00 for a little box of Corn Flakes, which has to be shipped in from thousands of kilometers away, they might be able to grow their own corn and become self-sufficient again. Oh, perish the thought.

      Parts of the Arctic North were in fact tropical at one time — talk to any geologist. But then came the Ice Age and tuned everything into a frozen wasteland — in fact the ice extended all the way south into parts of the present U.S. But we’ve been in a receding Ice Age for millennia, hence the earth is warming and “greening up” again. I think we should actually give tax breaks to people and industries THAT PRODUCE CO2 — the greenhouse effect is a good thing, and is consistent with what nature has been doing for millennia anyway.

  • Alain

    Once again the only criminal here is the EPA.

    • JoKeR

      But the head of the EPA calls it “Carbon Dioxide pollution”.

      Think about all the poor plants that CO2 kills… what you mean plants need CO2? What? They grow faster with more CO2?

      But if the CO2 levels rise at all above the present 400 parts per million it will be straight up the hockey stick graph and the Earth will burn up. What, you mean 250 million years ago it was 2000 parts per million and we have gotten cooler since then?

      But environmentalist wouldn’t lie! They need more donations for more models to protect us all and make their huge houses more environmentally friendly for the sake of us all. We need carbon taxes and carbon trading to save our planet and we all need to make huge sacrifices just like Al Gore has.

      • Ha! We also need them for more fake refugees. Did you hear Justin Trudeau on the French-language debate? Maybe people missed it because he only mentioned it briefly, but Trudeau’s refugee policy would also include “Climate Refugees”! Oh goody, I can’t wait.

        • JoKeR

          What are those? Penguins?

          • Ottawa Eyes

            No Arabs who claim they don’t like warm weather and prefer Sweden and Canada.

  • Maggat

    “The legal defense is straight forward: the law generally requires these engines to pass EPA specified tests at the time of testing — and they do. This is, in most jurisdictions, simple, black letter law: there is literally no legal substance to the charge against them.”

    A quote from The American Thinker, Paul Murphy