10 Dead In Shooting At Oregon Community College

Estimates are now running as high as 15 dead

More at CNN


Evidently a “Gun Free” zone

  • mauser 98

    betcha Prozac or similar drugs involved

    • African

      America is imploding from within. Guns, violence, jihadism, drugs, racism, suicide, LGBT fascism, homicides, mass-murders, millions of misguided and depressed youths and and all kinds of evil and the situation in this hellhole (America) will only get worse in the coming years. 24000 murders/suicides in 2011 alone and tens of thousands dead since!

      • Xavier

        You may be right but it’s still a lot better than that third world shithole you hail from.

        • El Martyachi

          Fercrissakes… he’s NOT AFRICAN you idiot.

          • Xavier

            You want war motherfucker you’ve got it.
            And where did I say he was from Africa YOU IDIOT?

      • lolwut?

        Uh oh, who’s gonna feed your sorry asses if they fall?

      • mauser 98

        sure to get worse in next 15 months

  • Exile1981

    I bet the media claims it’s a conservative male who hated women and minorities and was a tea party member… will end up being a troubled kid who comes from a far lefty family and was taking anti-depressants.

  • ed

    reports shooter was female now dead,up to 20 students killed [ed uk []

    • Wow that is odd, thanks.

      • The Butterfly

        Do we really know yet what he or she felt like on the inside?

        • Xavier

          Holey, now.

    • The Butterfly

      Can’t wait for the media to start calling her a gunwoman or gunperson.

    • Dave In Guelph

      Nope, male in his late 20’s

      • Xavier

        20 years old, male, dead right there by cop.

        Yay! for the police, eh BM?

    • WalterBannon

      probably a dike and a SJW

    • lolwut?

      Where are you getting that?, if true it would be like the biggest part of the story.

      • Xavier

        BBC says “long gun”.

  • Blind Druid

    Preaching to the choir here, I know, but I Facebooked this anyway for the oblivious ones.

    PREDICTION — If the shooter turns out to be a crazy white guy, the Mainstream Media will immediately trumpet it to the heavens. But if it’s a mad dog Muzzie screaming about Allah’s Snackbar, the info will be heavily suppressed by the MSM, until it is leaked by alternative blogs and news sources, forcing them to tell the truth.

  • Tom Forsythe

    It could be Abdullah Muhammad, or Muhammad Abdullah. You know, an “Oregon man.”

  • Tom Forsythe

    Putin will launch airstrikes on Oregon.

  • Thinking From First Principles

    The reporting says “Oregon shooting suspect asked victims’ religion -local newspaper

    The gunman who opened fire at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, on Thursday, asked people in an academic building to stand up and state their religion before he began shooting, a witness told the local News-Review newspaper.

    Kortney Moore, 18, was in Snyder Hall when the shooter asked people to name their religion and then began firing, she told the paper.

    (Reporting by Peter Cooney in Washington; Editing by Eric Beech)”
    I wonder what that is all about?

  • Xavier

    The only thing that will stop mass school killings is armed response. But the first time a LEO or armed student neutralized a shooter, all conventional wisdom and logic for gun control would become invalid.

    That’s why progressives insist schools be gun free zones. They would rather children be murdered than lose their battle against the Second Amendment.

  • Tokenn

    Mass shootingstorage in so called gun free zones no longer qualify as news…

  • Tokenn

    Mass shootings in so called gun free zones no longer qualify as news. ..

  • Xavier

    President Obama says gun control is something we should politicize;
    it is ‘a political choice we make to allow this to happen every few

    Yes, it is. They intentionally allow students to die to promote their gun control agenda. How can it possibly be seen any other way?

  • lolwut?

    Supposedly this is the shooter. (Source: Reddit)…. so grain of salt for now

    According to unconfirmed reports he posted a warning on 4chan yesterday

    Name: Toby “Egg man” Reynolds


    • Ho Hum


    • Xavier

      That’s a he? “Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest…so long space robots” posted on 4chan – Daily Mail

  • bargogx1

    “the writer talks about planning to carry out a shooting. Others egg him
    on, giving him suggestions on how to do it, and the type of weapons to

    There should be some kind of punishment for those assholes.

  • Xavier

    President Obama: ‘I would particularly ask America’s gun owners …
    to think about whether your views are properly being reflected by [the
    NRA]’ – @ZekeJMiller

    My view is that every high school student in the U.S should be required to pass a handgun proficiency exam before graduation. You don’t have to own one, but you have to know how to handle one safely.

  • Xavier

    President Obama after Oregon college shooting: I ask American people to think how we can get our government to change these laws and save lives and ‘let young people grow up’

    College Concealed Carry. It’s pretty simple, you communist asshole.

  • Xavier

    Unconfirmed but highly suspect. Thread has been disappeared.

  • Xavier

    Unconfirmed but highly suspect.

  • Edubeat

    Chris Harper Mercer is the shooter