When Can We Start Calling The Murder of White Police Officers By Blacks “Lone Wolf Attacks”?

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I’ll leave it to the reader to determine which one of these men were a law abiding and productive member of society, while the other should never have been born.

The human, Greg Alia, a seven-year veteran of the Forest Acres Police Department, was married with a new baby.

The parasite has a serious criminal record going back to 2004 for charges ranging from prostitution (yes, you read that right), weapons violations, and sundry other things that would have made it illegal to possess any weapon, let along the stolen handgun he used to kill the Officer.

  • That guy looks like a terrorist.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      He sure does!

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      Yeah he looks like terrorist,criminal,most likely he looks like a demon .

  • LauraS

    Heartbreaking. That is a gorgeous photo of a beautiful family. You can see the pride in Greg Alia’s face as he holds his son. Blue Lives Matter. His life mattered. Absolutely heartbreaking.

    • John

      Yes it IS heartbreaking when you look at that photo.

  • Blacksmith

    Any bets on whether or not he was a pisslamist as well as a subhuman piece of garbage?

  • Dan Howe

    I’ve been calling them Lone Wolf Attacks for a while, now.

    You will be seeing more and more of this. The Democrat Hate Machine has been cooking on high for six years, and is now starting to pay off. Nutcases are starting to snap and become Lone Wolf Democrat Terrorists.

    This is part of an emerging pattern of terrorism by Democrats. The Democratic Party is in armed insurrection against the United States: in Baltimore, in St Louis, in Ferguson, and with a slow drumbeat of Democrat terrorist attacks, including the plague of cowardly police assassinations, knockout game/ polar bear hunting, the rabid, inflammatory rhetoric of the likes of Farrakhan, Zerobama’s divisionism, and these lone wolf terrorist attacks.

    Their objective is to use the chain of violence they are deliberately creating, to force a totalitarian government on the United States, “For our Safety.” “Oh, won’t you think of the children.”

    It just recently dawned on me that this is exactly what daesh (ISIS) is doing. They don’t have to organize “terrorist cells.” they don’t have to pick targets and make plots. They beat the drums of hate and true believers will respond on their own. It is more dangerous than a conspiracy.

    It is terrorism by the strictest definition of the term. They are using violence in an attempt to promote their political agenda.

    Democrati delenda sunt. No price is too steep to pay.