Victim Culture Is Killing American Manhood

I grew up in rural Kentucky, where the process of becoming a man meant gaining toughness, shedding weakness, and learning how to take care of yourself and others. This was simply understood, not just by fathers and sons but also by mothers and teachers. In one grade-school incident, I got into a playground fight with another boy and knocked him to the ground. As the teacher rushed up to separate us, she demanded to know what happened. “He said I hit like a girl,” I told her. “Is this true?” She asked my friend. Rubbing his face, he nodded. “Well then, you deserved it,” she said.

And that was that.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I am a man I taught my 3 sons to be men. When I was little we were trained to field strip clean assemble load aim and use every single firearm in the house. And there were lots. We did farm chores including taking care of animals. We learned how to fight how to stay out of fights, how to drive a car, how to dance, how to tie a tie, smoke and drink. We were taught how to protect those weaker and more vulnerable than us. We learned how to help the unfortunate, to give to charity, to kick ass wreak havoc on others who terrorized children and women. If that makes me a dinosaur I’m proud to be called a dinosaur.

    • Shebel

      I kinda like dinosaurs. I am having great difficulty coming to grips with the fact that if you want to get ahead in today’s society then it is best to prove that you are a wimp, a victim and a minority.
      If you do not qualify as one of the above, then you are best to grovel on bended knee for all the Sins of your Ancestors.
      BTFW—I don’t teach my kids this nonsense –they are inundated with it in School.

      • Alain

        So were my four kids but it didn’t stick, thank heaven.

  • Edubeat

    What do you expect when your kids are taught in schools infested by girlymen, lesbos and fruitcakes. They just love social justice, pink shirt days, bully control talkfests, trannie washrooms and of course whole language over phonics.

    • Xavier

      Some of those kids are learning lessons opposite of what the Progressives are teaching; that is how revolutions are birthed.

  • pike bishop

    When I found out that Rock Hudson was queer…Wow, the glimmer of Hollywood had shadow cast over it forever for me.

  • Xavier

    The pendulum swings slowly but it swings in both directions. We are tasked with keeping the flame of sanity, responsibility, and pride of humanity alive until the disease of PC madness has run its course.

  • Blind Druid

    In the immortal words of the late George Carlin — “It’s all about the pussification of the 21st. century male.”