This is What Happens When You Spend The Past 25-Years Trying To Be Relevant Rather Than Funny


If for no other reason, you should probably drop down on your knees and thank Ann Coulter and Donald Trump for drawing out all of phonies and grifters that have infested the American political landscape for the last quarter of a century, because their lies were anesthetizing.

Still trying to get invited to all the right parties by smearing a lady who’s last book has sold more copies than this worm has ever sold in his life. Jealously is ugly. Always ugly.

Here’s the deal P.J., we don’t care who you are, or whom you think is virtuous. If you can’t make us at least laugh now and again, then you are dead to us, and to me, your funeral was over twenty-years ago.

Oh and dear old P.J. is mad at Ann because she said bad things about some Mexicans and how things were cooler back in the early 1970’s. What a choad!