This is What Happens When You Spend The Past 25-Years Trying To Be Relevant Rather Than Funny


If for no other reason, you should probably drop down on your knees and thank Ann Coulter and Donald Trump for drawing out all of phonies and grifters that have infested the American political landscape for the last quarter of a century, because their lies were anesthetizing.

Still trying to get invited to all the right parties by smearing a lady who’s last book has sold more copies than this worm has ever sold in his life. Jealously is ugly. Always ugly.

Here’s the deal P.J., we don’t care who you are, or whom you think is virtuous. If you can’t make us at least laugh now and again, then you are dead to us, and to me, your funeral was over twenty-years ago.

Oh and dear old P.J. is mad at Ann because she said bad things about some Mexicans and how things were cooler back in the early 1970’s. What a choad!

  • moraywatson

    Conservatives/Real Republicans don’t believe that government “doesn’t work”. We believe that less government is preferable to more government.

  • He’s quite literally saying that it’s not even legitimate for anyone to have an opinion about immigration (unless they’re Indian). Can he possibly believe that?

    Eh, I used to like him. He has written some very funny stuff. But that was ages ago.

    • John

      IN some sense he’s a very crusty conservative if one assumes that PC attitudes towards all things regarding immigration is the dominant line. People who say ‘unpleasant’ things about immigration and its destructive impact on America are now the new radicals.

      PJ is irrelevant.

  • Nick Fisher

    Good Lord, is he still alive ? Loved him in the 80s but I thought he passed over long ago…

    • Joseph_underscore

      He did. He just hasn’t been told yet.

  • Brett_McS

    He became unfunny about the same time as he joined Cato. Not a coincidence, I think, and an illustration of the saying that “culture trumps politics”. As a gonzo writer he was a big wheel in the culture; then he joined the politics team and has been, er, Trumped by someone who stayed in touch with the culture.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Wasn’t he a leftist writer who ‘migrated’ to conservative values?
    He didn’t change.
    The spectrum did.

    • I could be wrong. I don’t know that he was ever a leftist post university. (He’s described himself as having been a “long-haired peace creep” back then.) Sort of anarchic, I suppose, at National Lampoon. Very libertarian.

      He has a massive blind spot on immigration. I think it’s desperately important to him to be liked. His swiping at Coulter for being from Connecticut is quite rich coming from a man who relocated decades ago to New Hampshire, presumably not for the demographic vibrancy.