Racist Tyrants, Polygamist Islamists, Despots of Every Stripe: Why Are We Funding the U.N.?

The parade of dictators and despots taking the U.N. stage on Monday, as the organization marks its 70th anniversary, was nothing short of spectacular. As were the lies they told without batting an eye to a friendly and respectful audience. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has his hand out for an additional $20 billion this year, so let’s look at what American taxpayers are getting for their large chunk (one-quarter) of the U.N’s bills.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s a clown show every year when the UN has their big confab, and it’s not entertaining in the least.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    President Kennedy’s UN ambassador Adlai Stevenson described the life of a UN diplomat as consisting of protocol, alcohol and Geritol. The only thing that has changed in more than 50 years is that Geritol has been superseded by Viagra.

    • pike bishop

      Pardon me, was AS involved in the ring of commie spies in the FDR admin.?
      I seem to remember the name, there were so many.
      He knew (by the quote) a lot about the UN.

  • Shebel

    The UN reminds me of the movie “Mean Girls” . A nasty bunch of people that have a very real agenda . Justin honestly believes that being part of this ‘club of despots’ will make him a Man.
    Harper knows that it takes a MAN to stand up and act alone so that his Country does not come under the control of so -called Nations that want to use and abuse your good nature.
    Canada should not be Fooled .

  • All it takes is one country to withdraw from the UN before that wretched house of cards collapses.

    • pike bishop

      Canadian leftists enjoy seeing Canada being named number one in
      phony polls and questionnaires.
      First to un-friend the UN. Maybe not.

      • Why are we still a part of that thing? We don’t need it.

        • pike bishop

          Probbly ’cause our Con PM is aligned with the Agenda 21,
          like Redford (she even thought it would sell in Ab & it did),
          Red Rachel is down east right now selling Albertans out to a scam.
          No cars, no guns, no beef, no pork, no…well…you name it…

  • Everyone Else

    good article on the UN!