Obama Asks Hollywood to Fight Jihad Propaganda

But don’t mention Jihad…

  • Dana Garcia

    We’ve seen Hollyweird at work in this area before, such as changing Muslim terrorists into blond guys after complaints from jihadist CAIR etc.


    • Precisely. It means that we are going to get more episodes of “Criminal Minds” or one of the umpteenth fantasy forensic cop shows, where they find a baby with its brains eaten out, or a grandmother chopped up and raped (or whatever level of gratuitous violence they can graphically depict). And the main suspect will initially be a guy named “Mohamed”. Except as they get into the “real” scientific forensics of the thing, in the end they track it down to some non-existent Christian cult, and it becomes an object lesson and warning to Christians: “you better accept Darwinian evolution, or else this is what it will lead to!” (Although of late, they tend to school us on abortion or Gay marriage).

      And forensic “science” has once again taught Christians the dangers of believing in God the creator. As far as Islamism goes? Well, forensic science is teaching us that these people are just innocent misunderstood victims. That’s the way Left-wing Hollywood usually plays that card.

  • Martin B

    By which he means that he wants Hollywood to spread Religion Of Peace propaganda, as if they haven’t been doing that already.

    • David Murrell

      I was going to say that Hollywood these days sides with the U.S.’s enemies, unlike Hollywood of World War II. So wouldn’t Hollywood be doing films in support of the Islamic State, endorsing the mass war crimes? Germany did that back in the 1940s. Perhaps Hollywood could copy the old German films.

  • ThomasB

    Obama’s non-original idea of promoting Islam and attempting to distinguish between it and “extremist Islam” is, of course, ridiculous, and if it has any effect on terrorism, it will be to promote it.

    On the other hand, the article mentioned a ‘British “Four Lions” movie … [which] portrayed jihadis in Britain as sociopathic morons.’ I think this kind of thing is hopeful: rather than necessarily outlawing Islam (a good idea, but unlikely to happen) if it becomes socially embarrassing to be muslim, if society in general can laugh at and mock jihadis, there are likely to be far fewer of them: this disempowers them (just as giving in to fear of them and terrorism, empowers them).

    • Obama is a head of State — a secular State. He shouldn’t be promoting ANY religion, including Christianity. But as a rational human being he should at least have the wisdom to understand the difference between dangerous, and completely innocuous, religious movements given current events.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Good luck spinning your wheels, Hollywood.

  • Gary

    Maybe Hollywood could do a movie about the success story for the Muslim couple that created the BRIDGES TV channel to show a positive image for Arabs and islam.

    Oh wait……the Husband called his wife the Studio when nobody else was there and he beheaded her and then boastfully called the 9-1-1 to report it.