No, Britain doesn’t need to pay reparations for the slave trade

A Jamaican official has called on David Cameron to ‘personally atone’ for the slave trade, and especially for his ancestors’ involvement in it.

I hope Cameron tells this guy to do one. The PM has nothing to apologise for, far less self-flagellate for. He bears no more guilt for the slave trade than Justin Bieber does, or Mother Teresa, or Barack Obama, or any of the other millions of people born years after the slave trade ended. The pressure on Cam to weep publicly over the sins of his forefathers, to atone for a wrong he did not commit, is an ugly, medieval spectacle.

  • Martin B

    Every greedy black bloodsucker demanding reparations deserves to be chained up in the hold of a ship and transported to Liberia.

    • pike bishop

      I would spring for Air Canada economy class.

  • Alain

    Fine but then every Western country needs to inform these leeches that first the Muslims and black Africans who captured the slaves and were slave traders, in other words the ones selling the slaves to the West, must pay reparations before we are willing to discuss the matter with them.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You are letting facts get in the way of the shakedown strategy. Are you racist? 😉

  • dagawker

    Saudi Arabia could lose big,if this sets a precedent? 😉

  • Britain was one of the first Western nations to abolish the slave trade on its shores.

    That was two hundred and eight years ago.

    Let’s move on.

    • Not only that, the Royal Navy did more than any other institution to stamp out the transatlantic trade.

      • Indeed.

        But facts are inconvenient to quick money-making, so…

    • Justin St.Denis

      Britain did so only because of the fear of American reprisals if they didn’t. Let’s be fair. The USA led the way in abolishing safety, not Britain (with apologies to wishful thinkers).

  • Joseph_underscore

    The Romans oppressed many of my Christian forebears. I want compensation from Rome. Now.

    • I agree.
      Also, it’s about time for the egyptians to pay for the slavery endured by the Hebrews.
      I think egypt should give the sinai peninsula to Israel as a down payment on reparations.

      • pike bishop

        An excellent idea. Didn’t they have it for awhile?
        Kept the Egyptians honest, looking across the canal mano a mano with the Israelis.

    • BillyHW

      The French must pay for Napoleon and his adventures!

      • pike bishop

        I LOL’d and I never LOL.

    • pike bishop

      They had to “build a wall” to keep my ancestors out of the North of England.
      There are limits to Empire, Scotland & the Scots have drawn the line before.

  • Shebel

    Leave Jamaica and we will gladly pay you. What is the price ?
    You pay us the free transportation to get there.

  • BillyHW

    He’s just deflecting from the fact that black have accomplished virtually nothing since then.

    • Shebel

      Since when?

  • ntt1

    I disagree . I believe Bieber is incredibly guilty… of what I’m not sure but it has to be worse than the slave trade,

  • RonG

    Britain and the US never enslaved any africans. They only bought them.

  • ed

    world DNA mapping can pinpoint every negro to within 50 sq miles of their original tribe and village on the African continent ,but it seems they are happy being the ” white man`s burden ” oh! and yes they did walk barefoot on fields of diamonds for thousands of years and never bent down to pick one up !

  • Allan

    Maybe when the Africans themselves apologize and pay reparations Cam MIGHT think about it.