Jihadi John left off UN sanction list because he is not an Isil recruitment threat

Brutal Isil murderer Jihadi John has not been included on a UN sanction list because he is not considerered a big enough recruitment threat in the UK, it has emerged.

Despite being one of the world’s most wanted men, Londoner Mohammed Emwazi’s is not among British jihadists who now face having their assets frozen and a travel ban.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Measured and proportional responses” will eventually kill us all.

    • The U.S. response to Japanese Imperialism was completely disproportionate — two atomic bombs that killed hundreds of thousands people. But it ended the war instantaneously, and immediately convinced the entire population of Japan to abandon the ideology that their Emperor was Divine and infallible.

      Analysts estimate that the “disproportionate response” probably saved millions of lives compared with the outcome if the U.S. had continued with a conventional war of attrition.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Ruling clowns pulled this “disproportionate” bullshit on Israel out of fear of more Jewish military victories and now they are being hoisted by their own petard.

    • The UN is a worthless platform for the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

      Nothing the UN says about Islam is based on reality.

  • Blacksmith

    Well in defense of this it was put out by the UN so there is no reason it should make any sense…..

  • That photograph of him with a big knife is instructional. ISIS isn’t cutting off people’s heads with guns — they are using knives, and swords and machetes. And other local materials to terrorize people, such as crude Medieval torture methods, home-made implements, etc.

    Kinda flies in the face of Tom Mulcair’s solution: “The way to stop ISIS terrorism is to stop the International arms flow.” You mean the International arms flow of knives, swords, and machetes, Mr. Mulcair? The International arms flow of homemade torture implements? Meanwhile, we’re not allowed to militarily confront these savages.

    And even if Mulcair’s simplistic solution were correct, how exactly are you going to do that? Is the NDP, if elected, going to single-handedly force Russia, China, North Korea, Brasil, the United States, and all the Governments in the world to stop manufacturing and selling arms on the International market? And how about all the private companies around the world that sell arms on the International market? And how is Mulcair going to monitor precisely who ISIS is getting its arms from? By sending a team of Canadian Psychiatrists and Social Workers over there? Since Mulcair believes terrorism is a “psychiatric” problem, and not a religious-political ideology, I suppose all we need to do is send over a team of Mental Health workers to stop the flow of arms.

    Meanwhile while the NDP engages in social experiments, innocent people will continue to be brutally butchered.

    • eMan14

      And to cover our asses, we can send over knee length parkas

      • Ha!

        And the problem is if the shrinks we send over there are “NDP-approved”, they’re not going to tell the terrorists that they are the ones with mental illness — they’re going to reassure ISIS that “everyone in the West suffers from a psychiatric disorder called ‘Islamophobia’. Don’t worry guys, we’re pullin’ for you!”

  • Ed

    His temperature will soon mirror his IQ

  • Barrington Minge

    Quite right, treat the little nobody as…..a little nobody.

  • Allan

    And we are surprised by this?? Hell I’m surprised that there is even a U.N. “sanctions” list. I doubt it will be enforced. Like everything the U.N. does it is all for show.