Academic ridiculed after she likens cereal protest to Mandela and the Suffragettes

An academic involved in anti-gentrification protests was ridiculed last night for comparing the violent action to the struggles of Nelson Mandela and the suffragettes.

Dr Lisa McKenzie, 47, came under fire after claiming last weekend’s attack by hundreds of masked protesters on a trendy east London cereal café was akin to the battle against apartheid.

She also accused the owners of the Cereal Killer Café of taking advantage of the publicity and insisted she ‘doesn’t care’ about the plight of the small business.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This was nothing more, and nothing less than black block anarchists, and AntiFas rioting.
    Maybe it was a dry run for something later, but there’s nothing deeper.

  • Frances

    Just another demo led by a white, far-left academic who abrogated any responsibility for the results while knowing there are no repercussions. If she had a “real” job, she’d be fired for antics such as these.

  • Well, the academic got it partly right — the violence part. Mandela wasn’t jailed for nothing — at the time the ANC was a violent terrorist organization with backing from the Soviet Union. They were so brutal that it is estimated that more Black people were tortured and murdered by the ANC than by the racist South African government. I still have the newsreel photos of the savage “necklacing” of Blacks — branded as traitors by the ANC — burned into my memory.

    It wasn’t until Mandela had his epiphany in jail that he renounced violence and pursued a peaceful solution. Meanwhile, his wife Winnie Mandela continued to pursue the path of violence. It’s probably what led to their divorce.