Why the niqab matters, now and in future #elxn42

“…When it comes to matters of Canadian values and security, it’s increasingly the Conservatives – not the Liberals or New Democratic Party – whose position resonates with most Canadians. Should dual citizens who are convicted of terrorism be stripped of their Canadian citizenship and deported? The Conservatives say yes, and passed a law to that effect. The NDP, the Liberals, and many other critics say no, because two-tier citizenship is a slippery slope, as well as being unconstitutional. Last week, they stripped the citizenship of the man who led the so-called Toronto 18 bombing plot. The timing was nakedly opportunistic. The public overwhelmingly approves.”

Damn right we do.

  • David Murrell

    I respect Margaret Wente, the Globe and Mail’s token conservative writer. It takes a lot to work alongside soft-left and hard-left writers, who dominate all at this long-ago respected newspaper. But notice that she did not make any strong endorsement of Harper’s niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies. As it is, she probably enrages the Islamo-fascists who dominate the Globe and Mail’s readership these days.

    • Wente did not even vote for Harper last election.

  • Rosenmops

    Heaven forbid that the politicians actually do what most people want them to do. We are just knuckle-dragging far right scum so our opinions don’t matter. Our moral and intellectual superiors, such as Justin Turd-doh, know what is best for us!

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      Miss it looks that politicians don’t care about the safety of the country at all .

    • The good news is the public is well ahead on the learning curve about Islam.

    • Petrilla

      The only politician I have seen recently who gives a sweet damn about his people’s wishes is Viktor Orban, President of Hungary and several others from former Soviet Union countries. They knew what it was like to live under the USSR and damned if they are now going to put up with the corrupt EU. Build those fences and defy the EU. UK HAD BETTER GET OUT NOW. Not satisfied with the lie of the dead toddler on the beach the Euro MSM has tried to tamp down their lies that 80% are young Muslim men of fighting age causing chaos in Europe every day. Not good enough, let’s get pics of women and kids. Not good enough, young men bringing a cat and a dog. Still, not good enough. Today they wheeled out the very old and disabled. Unfortunately some hawk eye saw the same prosthetic leg was wheeled out on several sites. NO ONE CAN TRUST ANY MSM sites anymore. Look it up yourselves on youtube and google,it’s all there to see, and see how WE have been taken in by the lies. By the INVASION. BCF had a good interview yesterday by a blonde woman in Budapest, who spoke Arabic and knew what these lying migrants were really saying about the only European ticket buyers on the train. We could steal all their belongings, we could rape the blonde one, we could hold them hostages..she was so upset because they were openingly standing and defecating everywhere. The quality was bad, but I got through it, and so should you, if you do not want our once green and pleasant lands defiled any further. Mark Steyn gave a great speech in Copenhagen this weekend , look it up on steynonline and many other places, but I was interested that he had the same experience as the blonde. Migrants pushing ticket payers out of their seats. An official told him last week migrants stole everything in the cafe car and then shrugged, what could they do? Is this what Europe holds for itself in the future? Well, goodbye tourism.

  • Achmed

    All women who have reached puberty should be wearing at least a niqab. Not to do so displays that you are a decadent kafir!

    • moraywatson

      I hear a goat was arrested the other day for being in a Tim Hortons. And I thought, how strange. Surely the sharia bans a goat from being out without its muslim.

  • Cheryl

    If I want to see burkas or turbans I would make the trip to their country. I should not have it forced on me by inept government politicians. The same with languages if I want to hear Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi or any other foreign language I would go to their country. Canada is either English or French which seems to becoming extinct. Shame on our government.

  • Alain

    Once again being granted Canadian citizenship is NOT a right; it is an earned privilege. There is nothing in the constitution to say otherwise, nor even in Trudeau’s charter. When it happened to accused Nazi war criminals, these idiots didn’t see a problem. I am not saying it should not have happened to Nazi war criminals, but they posed no threat to us when it was done whereas Muslim terrorists most certainly do.

  • infedel

    I paraphrase: ‘A house divided cannot stand’….the reason to fight multiculturalism and diversity propaganda and dual citizenship. Period.