VDH: Ahmed and the Art of the Psychodrama

During Pope Francis’s parade in Washington, 5-year-old Sophie Cruz suddenly dashed up to the popemobile and handed His Holiness a note about the wretched plight of her illegal-alien parents from Los Angeles, who are apparently terrified of all the recent talk about deportations. The media loved the spontaneity and courage of 5-year-old Sophie.

But that was not quite the whole story. The entire event reportedly had been scripted for about a year by a group called “Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition,” which, in actuality, is not about immigration per se, but rather full rights for illegal immigrants.

  • Everyone Else

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  • Gary

    I mentioned earlier that the NDP MP Peggy Nash has a sign in her Office window at 1570 Bloor west where she causes the readers to infer that Refugees don’t get Health Care coverage by Harper.
    This typical NDP weasel does not tell the truth that the Health Care is denied to FAILED refugees that don’t want to leave .
    But don’t worry , the Liberal Wynne said she grant full Heath Care coverage to illegals on top of Joe Mihevc saying that the 300,000+ illegals in Toronto would get welfare.

    How odd that when the Leaders in the NDP and Liberal camp get in power they usually are quick to cry Poor once they see the Books, but in the pre-election era there is lots of FREE money even for Tourists to get welfare .