The Cost Of Islam To Canada: Homegrown terrorism in Canada by the numbers

600 Mounties dedicated to terrorism investigations, doubled from 300 in March.

Maybe the RCMP hired Temporary Foreign Workers so the costs could be lower… lots of interesting little facts.

  • Alain

    I am much more interested in knowing how many of them are affirmative action hirings than even TGWs, especially how many are Muslim.

    • I don’t want to know that answer.

    • Gary

      What makes the Diversity system a danger in Toronto is that we still have a old Clause on the books for the Police back when we a Colony of Britain and didn’t have the Citizenship Act ( 1947 Paul Martin Sr.) .

      Canadian that want to own a gun or carry it are treated like criminals with all the paper work and rules, but , since you do NOT have to be a Citizen to be a Toronto Cop it means that islamists can get into Canada and be a Cop that can carry a gun .
      I checked into this when I heard about it and I didn’t believe it. But the Toronto Police HR Dept confirmed it , except that what followed had shocked me because when I asked about the Security checks for non-citizens being hired they said they assume the person would lie and that they would contact the ex-employers or references to check on it.

      Wow , we currently have people in Canada on fake ID and bogus passports where they paid to have references be ready to lie for them back home when the calls come in.
      If only the Police would assume us taxpayers or driver are telling the truth when we get in trouble.

      I won’t be shocked when some avid devout islamist Cop goes Jihad with their gun at a Jewish Temple and then shoots them self as a martyr.

  • Ho Hum

    I wonder how many of those RCMP officers are engaged in monitoring the activities of the 22,000 Iraqi “refugees” that Harper let into the country?

  • Gary

    Don’t forget that the Hamas linked CAIR in Canada had Sheema Khan worked hard to insert Islamists into every level of Security.
    99% of Canadians don’t have a clue that the Arar Inquiry not only was to avoid a Real Court case where Arar’s lies would have been exposed, but I followed it and CAIR had standing which meant that they could push for the names or protocols used by CSIS or the RCMP that monitored suspect Jihadists in Canada.

    CAIR was behind the $400,000,000.00 Extortion Lawfare suit to force the Inquiry to expose our Security systems , the Inquiry was a waste on money and Justice O’connor was only allowed to review what was set out by Arar’s lawyers for what happened after Maher was denied entry to the USA at JFK Airport .
    The settlement of $10.2 million just 1 day before the Final report came out was very suspect since Arar wanted $400 million , what was very telling was how he was supposed to appear at the Inquiry for the 2 other Muslims he claimed were in the jail cells next to him in Syria……..Maher took the money and walked leaving the other 2 alleged “Torture” victims on their own .
    It was also odd how the CBC now ignores Omar Kahdr and doesn’t question him about his claims that he saw Maher Arar at a Afghan Al-Qaeda training camp.
    Typical drive-by media with the attention span of a slug , the CBC defended both Maher and Omar and yet one of them has to be a liar because Omar makes Arar look guilty for globe trotting and hanging around Jihadists.
    The 2 of them should be dragged into a Courtroom to give evidence and filter out the liar to be charged with perjury and negate both their Lawfare Extortion suits.